we’re a couple of swells, farewell february…

Dear diablog

Recently Christina,


overheard the following conversation between Glynsky and Pete in the men’s room of the International HQ – it is believed that she was in the boy’s room at the time (preferring younger models)


Pete: Look at those two drunks over there – if we are not careful it could be us in 10 years time!

Glynsky: That’s a mirror you dipstick!

Yours, diablog, in me cups and oblivious

Water damaged books – now what?

Dear Reader,

In his two posts about the lovely Alfa Romeo manuals here on diablog, Glynsky had asked for (your) help regarding repair and restoration.

I did not want to let our namesake wait any longer, so here are some answers.

From personal experience – don’t ask – I can tell, that insurance companies have a lot of expertise in that area. Why? Because paying for repair of damaged goods is part of their business. They know, who does what and how.

Solution No. 1:

A quick phone call to your insurance agent is likely to get you some addresses.

But this is the internet, and the internet is your friend when looking for information.

Solutions No 2:
My favorite search engine is www.startpage.com. And a quick search there leads to companies specialized in “UK book restoration water damage”, like the following ones:

looks top notch www.bookrestoration.co.uk

looks more hands-on hannahmore.co.uk

and here is even a list www.inprint.co.uk/thebookguide/binders/

Tada. That was easy.
But wait, it gets better.

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halleluja freedom…

Dear diablog,

Please study

 Profile 1:


Retired businessman Christopher Tappin
Extradited to US on charges (charges mind) of supplying batteries for missiles via a zillion cut out companies. The US authorities took 3 years (yes, 3 years) to decide to take action against him after two others had been charged (to the best of my knowledge, still unresolved).
In a solitary confinement cell in Texas with 60 minutes out a day and all reading materials confiscated.
No witnesses for the defence going from the UK as they are ‘too frightened of being arrested on spurious charges by the US government’.
Apparent Civil Rights – 0.

Profile 2


Fundamentalist cleric Abu Qatada.
Living in London and allowed to take his kids to school.
Wanted in Jordan for atrocities there. And apparently elsewhere.
Cannot be extradited from the UK due to a European Court ruling on it ‘infringing his human rights’ as he may (yes, may) be tortured and/or the evidence against him may (yes, may) have been obtained under torture.
Cost to UK taxpayer estimated at £100,000 per week.

Read more on Tappin.
Read more on Qatada

So yet again a) the British Government kowtow to the Evil Empire and it’s one sided rules ( just for your information: To extradite a US citizen to the UK needs full legal representation, supporting documents, and presentation in court. To extradite a UK citizen to the US needs a request – request mind you – to a local Magistrates Court) and b) Obama and his cohorts ride rough shod over any human dignity.

And Americans wonder why no one else likes them.
Our Home Secretary should be beseiged by letters and emails and write now, diablog, with Glynsky to your MP.

As before (and probably many times more), it’s just another…

Yours, diablog, outraged


Happy Birthday Jost Bürgi

Dear Reader,

Jost Bürgi was born February 28, 1552.  So, we are celebrating his 460th birthday today.

Now you are staring at your screen, wondering what makes me tick.
Give me a second to explain, tick and second are the important words here.

Jost Bürgi is credited with the invention of the time unit second.

Most certainly he was the first mechanic and watchmaker to build a watch with three arms showing not only hours and minutes, but seconds too.

Before, he had created astronomical equipment and globes, like this one:

I am fairly certain Glynsky and Pete are with me, this is beautiful from an engineering point of view as much as aesthetically.

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Fancy A Bit Of Tilt And Shift?

In ER’s recent Diablog posting on the carnival in Samba he mentioned the subject of Tilt-Shift photography.

I will try to explain what I know of this type of photo style without writing a mind numbing article such as my favourite foot fetish shoes, written by ER, and Glynsky’s attempt at putting all on the first flight to Switzerland to visit Dignitas, in his appropriately titled never-ending-story:

He enthralled us all with  his successful attempt to install a cigarette lighter in one of his fleet of Alfa Romeos.

So at the risk of joining the Diablog contender list for bore of the year here goes nothing:

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in manual mode, la pa’ss’ione 15b…

Dear diablog

Earlier this month I posted the first part of the Giulia SS Instruction manual found in my papers -so here is the rest.

Sadly it is this part which has the most damage, the wiring diagrammes are so stuck together that I don’t dare try to peel them apart.

Again, I repeat my appeal to anyone out there who could help in the restoration of a, probably, rather rare paper document.

Alfa Romeo Giulia SS instruction manual part 2 by diablog

At the same time as finding this, I found one for the Giulietta and the GTC! How lucky am I!

Yours, diablog, looking for clues