in manual mode, la pa’ss’ione 15b…

Dear diablog

Earlier this month I posted the first part of the Giulia SS Instruction manual found in my papers -so here is the rest.

Sadly it is this part which has the most damage, the wiring diagrammes are so stuck together that I don’t dare try to peel them apart.

Again, I repeat my appeal to anyone out there who could help in the restoration of a, probably, rather rare paper document.

Alfa Romeo Giulia SS instruction manual part 2 by diablog

At the same time as finding this, I found one for the Giulietta and the GTC! How lucky am I!

Yours, diablog, looking for clues


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  1. Dear Glynsky. At the weekend there was a very interesting film on the DDR and afterwards. I suggest that you go to Berlin as there is a team specialised in repairing documents which were ripped up by Stasi Members in the last days of the DDR. Take ER with you as he will translate for you.

  2. First, thanks for that, but have they found anything on me!
    And why don’t you come too – could be a larf.
    PS. Do you recall what or where the film? I may be able to find it on iplayer or similar.
    Keep well.

  3. Sorry, cannot remember name of film but the Stasi is well documented. Ask ER.
    Were you ever in the DDR? I have checked your STB file. Who was that with the big tits in Cerny Medved with you? You really should have gone by Skoda instead of the Scimitar.

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