halleluja freedom…

Dear diablog,

Please study

 Profile 1:


Retired businessman Christopher Tappin
Extradited to US on charges (charges mind) of supplying batteries for missiles via a zillion cut out companies. The US authorities took 3 years (yes, 3 years) to decide to take action against him after two others had been charged (to the best of my knowledge, still unresolved).
In a solitary confinement cell in Texas with 60 minutes out a day and all reading materials confiscated.
No witnesses for the defence going from the UK as they are ‘too frightened of being arrested on spurious charges by the US government’.
Apparent Civil Rights – 0.

Profile 2


Fundamentalist cleric Abu Qatada.
Living in London and allowed to take his kids to school.
Wanted in Jordan for atrocities there. And apparently elsewhere.
Cannot be extradited from the UK due to a European Court ruling on it ‘infringing his human rights’ as he may (yes, may) be tortured and/or the evidence against him may (yes, may) have been obtained under torture.
Cost to UK taxpayer estimated at £100,000 per week.

Read more on Tappin.
Read more on Qatada

So yet again a) the British Government kowtow to the Evil Empire and it’s one sided rules ( just for your information: To extradite a US citizen to the UK needs full legal representation, supporting documents, and presentation in court. To extradite a UK citizen to the US needs a request – request mind you – to a local Magistrates Court) and b) Obama and his cohorts ride rough shod over any human dignity.

And Americans wonder why no one else likes them.
Our Home Secretary should be beseiged by letters and emails and write now, diablog, with Glynsky to your MP.

As before (and probably many times more), it’s just another…

Yours, diablog, outraged


13 Replies to “halleluja freedom…”

  1. Nice ER, but ashamed wins nothing.
    This needs proper action with, hopefully, reaction.
    I know what to do in the UK, but what or whom in the US – there must be some humans there.

  2. Dear Glynsky,
    I followed the case a bit.

    The US Government made a “plea bargain” (I hate those) with at least one of Mr. Tappin’s co-defendants.
    In exchange for a lesser sentencing, at least one guy put the blame on Mr. Tappin.

    Mr. Tappin was set up.

    If the UK government does not do anything, the ACLU would be my first address.

    Or do you want to tart an “internet shitstorm”?


  3. What ER meant to write Glynsky is “Do you tart want an international shitstorm”.
    I would not put up with him calling you a tart !

  4. So lets start a shitstorm – the last one of those I had was in Prague from a sausage stand.
    I assume you mean an ‘Anon’ storm – why not?
    As far as appeals to the EU go it costs (excuse the pun) a shitload of money. Mr. Qatada does not appear to be short of those (or ‘sponsors’, guess who I think they are) and Mr. Tappin is retired, I assume on a pension.
    In law, the deepest pockets win.

  5. Unfortunately I remember that shitstorm or at least the morning after, when at breakfast you complained for hours about the quality of the sand paper in the toilet of the Esplanade Hotel.

  6. Thanks for that ER, not heard that before. Did your source say why it was ‘declined’? I am afraid this even more reduces my faith in this august (ha!) body. Fine for a terrorist but not someone accused of aiding terrorists – that’s an interesting thought.
    For what it is worth, tonight the British Cheif Prosecuter made the astonishing statement that the treaty was ‘fair’ and ‘balanced@ and he thinks the problem is ‘a perception and lack of beleif that the American legal system is balanced’! No, really! I think in the UK we stopped using chains for prisoners somewhere about the time of Napoleon – and that is just the start of the Evil Empire’s ‘fair’ system.
    A pox on them all.

  7. My source was old Mama BBC, I believe.

    And I read that statement too.

    Funny, how some countries do not send their citizens to the US. At least not openly, the CIA is another issue, as we learned from Gitmo.


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