Happy Birthday Jost Bürgi

Dear Reader,

Jost Bürgi was born February 28, 1552.  So, we are celebrating his 460th birthday today.

Now you are staring at your screen, wondering what makes me tick.
Give me a second to explain, tick and second are the important words here.

Jost Bürgi is credited with the invention of the time unit second.

Most certainly he was the first mechanic and watchmaker to build a watch with three arms showing not only hours and minutes, but seconds too.

Before, he had created astronomical equipment and globes, like this one:

I am fairly certain Glynsky and Pete are with me, this is beautiful from an engineering point of view as much as aesthetically.

Jost is also credited with the invention of the cross-beat escapement, which – along with his invention of the remontoire – made his clocks correct to within a minute a day.

I wish, some of my watches were that accurate. Stupidly, I once blew serious money on a Rolex, which ran a few minutes fast every day.

Besides seconds, watches and beautiful artifacts, there is another reason to honor Jost Bürgi. Independent from John Napier, Jost developed a system of logarithms.

What a brilliant mind this gentleman must have been.

If you are looking at your watch today, silently nod to Jost Bürgi.

More about watches later on diablog. According to this website, it is

Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 00:28:20 EST

time to rest.

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  1. A good post ER. I love watches and look forward to your future post. I have 7 or 8 very nice watches and looking for something special and green.

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