Water damaged books – now what?

Dear Reader,

In his two posts about the lovely Alfa Romeo manuals here on diablog, Glynsky had asked for (your) help regarding repair and restoration.

I did not want to let our namesake wait any longer, so here are some answers.

From personal experience – don’t ask – I can tell, that insurance companies have a lot of expertise in that area. Why? Because paying for repair of damaged goods is part of their business. They know, who does what and how.

Solution No. 1:

A quick phone call to your insurance agent is likely to get you some addresses.

But this is the internet, and the internet is your friend when looking for information.

Solutions No 2:
My favorite search engine is www.startpage.com. And a quick search there leads to companies specialized in “UK book restoration water damage”, like the following ones:

looks top notch www.bookrestoration.co.uk

looks more hands-on hannahmore.co.uk

and here is even a list www.inprint.co.uk/thebookguide/binders/

Tada. That was easy.
But wait, it gets better.

Solution No 3:
Do it yourself.

Since Glynsky is a tinkerer by heart, he could try the repair job himself.
And the internet provides information about that. I love it!

The website www.hintsandthings.com says:

Whoops! there goes that glass of water all over your book – don’t panic.

Put the book into a frost free freezer, this will draw out the moisture and unstick the pages.

If this leaves the pages wrinkled put a sheet of paper on top of each page and press with a warm iron.  This will also flatten wrinkled corners.

Quick and easy.

A more detailed How-to is provided by www.restorationsos.com.

But the most detailed source seems to be this here, a full essay about restoration of books after water disasters.

Did I mention, that I love the internet?

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