Copyright Maths and Falkvinge – A short history of copyright

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We hear so much about copyright these days, and diablog has stuff about it too. Now I found some fun copyright maths:

Here is a link to the original site:

Already when writing why copyright makes no sense online, I had thought to add a bit about its history.

Lucky for you and me someone else has done that.

Below please find an involuntary guest post, by Falkvinge, a short history of copyright. You can also follow this link and click through his seven parts.

Here is comes:

Falkvinge – The History of Copyright

Beware, this is not a scientific paper and you can tell, Falkvinge is opinionated. Nevertheless, I have checked some facts and it seems accurate.

Plus, it puts a lot of the current discussion into perspective.

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4 thoughts on “Copyright Maths and Falkvinge – A short history of copyright

  1. Oh ER, from time to time you prove to British readers that you ‘come from afar’!
    What on earth is ‘math’? Is it short for aftermath? It can’t be short for mathematics as it would be ‘maths’.
    From where this ridiculous word came is a mystery to the english speaking world – like using ‘the train will arrive momentarily’, really, is it stopping/arriving for just a moment???

  2. I must be thick as I can only see a large blank page in the middle of the post.
    I assume it’s blank for copyright reasons

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