a queen and a president, farewell april…

Dear diablog,

Thanks to, I think, Phillipa (I am going to have to save ‘stuff’ and clips I am sent in a more structured way!)

we can say farewell to March with a smile.

Personally, other than for progress on the car front, I have found the whole month a complete pain. It may have something to do with the constant pressure from Engine Room to get his nest built quickly – and him forever changing his mind on the finish, colours and spec of the broom cupboard. However, as he seems obsessed with beer this seemed an apt farewell to March

Yours, diablog, mixing with leaders


A Fisherman’s Tale

I was at home yesterday afternoon practicing my rural accent with lot’s of Orrs, arrrhhs and Eeehss, and doing my homework given to me by the local Country Gentleman’s Sheep Shagging Association.
My English accent is apparently unsuitable for the area I now live in and I have to learn to speak as seen below in a ‘tune’ by the Wurzels .

I hate the song, but its part of the country curriculum so I have to work on it, and learn it verbatim,
as well as off by heart.
Please click on the song and then block your ears.

This is only one of the many tasks I have to succeed in to gain a high enough score to become accepted as one of the locals.

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Happy Birthday Alex

Dear Reader,

According to Alex, it’s his birthday today.

But don’t worry, we won’t be singing.
Pete admitted to not being much of a singer earlier on diablog.
I am worse. And Glynsky?

Glynsky’s singing is to ears, what Agent Orange is to leafs.
That’s what I have been told.

Instead, we will play a song for Alex, as promised here.
Alex’s wish had been Deaf Punk, or Draft Punk or something like this, modern, electronic, house music.

And diablog is full of electronic music already.
We played the mother of electronic music, Tangerine Dream, and the fathers, Kraftwerk. I wonder whether Alex knew Stratosfear?

In addition we had Jean Michelle Jarre, Guru Josh and Robert Miles with his house classic Children. And there are more to come. No matter how much Glynsky protests.

So, what could we play for Alex?

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where there’s smoke…

Dear diablog,

I mentioned in a comment to an earlier post that Mme. Glynskette had dissuaded me from fitting Engine Room’s love nest with a rather unconventional cooker.

I am grateful for the original idea to Michaela


who had sent me some information about a Finnish idea for a stove which she recently installed.
I still think this should have been the one fitted, Engine Room would have had to leave the windows open – but that would be easy as I have saved money on the glass!

This takes 10 minutes to build -To start you need a seasoned log

which is sliced (not all the way through) with a chain saw to give

four cuts in the shape of an asterisk, and then ….

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Blind Tasting #1 – the bubbly

Dear Reader,

A while back Pete wrote on diablog, do not post under the influence. So, let me assure you, Pete, I am sober.

The title of this post might give you a different idea, and my usual ramblings could suggest, I am drunk most of the time. Rest assured, right now I am not.

Tonight a couple of friends got together for an evening of drinking. As I announced here, we had decided to do some blind tastings. No, we do not need an excuse for drinking, we do this for fun. And fun we had.

Unfortunately, I had lost the drawing, and the drinks of tonight were not beer, but sparkling wines.

In my first post about drinks already I admitted, to know nothing about Champagne. This was confirmed tonight. I failed at the blind tasting, I could not name one kind of sparkling wine correctly.

So, what did we have?

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Messiah – 270 years ago in Dublin

Dear Reader,

Pardon the somewhat misleading headline. The messiah didn’t arrive in Dublin 270 years ago. At least to the best of my knowledge he didn’t.

But it was the world premiere of the Messiah oratorio, composed by George Frideric Handel.

That’s the German composer, the English adopted for lack of their own talent at that time. Sorry, Guys, I could not resist this one.

This post is another attempt at diablog, like this one here, to get you into classical music. Don’t be afraid. Give it a try.

Many see the Messiah oratorio as one of the greatest pieces of choral works. If you want to hear it – and you should -, Wikimedia has almost the complete work here:

I am sure, you will also find plenty versions online, at youtube and other usual suspects.

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a class in life…

Dear diablog,

As you are aware Glynsky has been building a London pied a terre for our beloved Engine Room – what is interesting is that no one has asked why!

This secretly filmed clip reveals part of the answer – he sees himself as a cultural icon and has joined a local night school to ‘improve his tecniques’ and at the same time get a lift out of life (classes)

Yours, diablog, on the Via Gra,