Messiah – 270 years ago in Dublin

Dear Reader,

Pardon the somewhat misleading headline. The messiah didn’t arrive in Dublin 270 years ago. At least to the best of my knowledge he didn’t.

But it was the world premiere of the Messiah oratorio, composed by George Frideric Handel.

That’s the German composer, the English adopted for lack of their own talent at that time. Sorry, Guys, I could not resist this one.

This post is another attempt at diablog, like this one here, to get you into classical music. Don’t be afraid. Give it a try.

Many see the Messiah oratorio as one of the greatest pieces of choral works. If you want to hear it – and you should -, Wikimedia has almost the complete work here:

I am sure, you will also find plenty versions online, at youtube and other usual suspects.

In Messiah Handel re-used plenty of his older compositions. And it should be noted, that throughout his career he liberally made use of pieces from other composers. You know, what they call “remixing”, “re-sampling” or stupidly even “pirating” today.

The word about Handel was:

He is the one composer, who took the most from others.

But without need, since he was a genius.

Then, as much as it should be today, using genial compositions from others was seen as flattery and a bow towards the creator of the original.

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