Blind Tasting #1 – the bubbly

Dear Reader,

A while back Pete wrote on diablog, do not post under the influence. So, let me assure you, Pete, I am sober.

The title of this post might give you a different idea, and my usual ramblings could suggest, I am drunk most of the time. Rest assured, right now I am not.

Tonight a couple of friends got together for an evening of drinking. As I announced here, we had decided to do some blind tastings. No, we do not need an excuse for drinking, we do this for fun. And fun we had.

Unfortunately, I had lost the drawing, and the drinks of tonight were not beer, but sparkling wines.

In my first post about drinks already I admitted, to know nothing about Champagne. This was confirmed tonight. I failed at the blind tasting, I could not name one kind of sparkling wine correctly.

So, what did we have?

Our friendly sommelier, a young lady with a fine nose, had picked

  • German Sekt, premium Sekt b. A. and winegrower’s Sekt

We all had five glasses in front of us, with color coded dots on them. We didn’t get to see the bottles, labels or any other hints, as to what was what. And let me assure you, the quite different colors of our drinks did not lead anywhere.

In the end, only two out of six people were able to get it right and categorize all drinks correctly.

The reason for my failure could be, I don’t care about fizzy wines at all. Maybe Glynsky could have succeeded. For me the mouth feel isn’t right. Carbonated drinks just aren’t my cup of tea.

The result of the evening confirmed one thing.
Like with many other products, price is not the way to find quality products.

The sekt we tried, had been the cheapest around US$13, the cremant was around US$20 and the champagne was above US$30. The sommelier had picked what she considered top quality.

Yet, all six people agreed, the champagne was not the best. It was an even split, with three people preferring sekt and three people preferring cremant. Needless to say, all bottles were finished, nothing was wasted.

In conclusion, don’t let yourself be fooled by advertising or marketing. Just try as much as you can and follow your own taste buts.

And now I need an honest beer.

Engine Room