Happy Birthday Alex

Dear Reader,

According to Alex, it’s his birthday today.

But don’t worry, we won’t be singing.
Pete admitted to not being much of a singer earlier on diablog.
I am worse. And Glynsky?

Glynsky’s singing is to ears, what Agent Orange is to leafs.
That’s what I have been told.

Instead, we will play a song for Alex, as promised here.
Alex’s wish had been Deaf Punk, or Draft Punk or something like this, modern, electronic, house music.

And diablog is full of electronic music already.
We played the mother of electronic music, Tangerine Dream, and the fathers, Kraftwerk. I wonder whether Alex knew Stratosfear?

In addition we had Jean Michelle Jarre, Guru Josh and Robert Miles with his house classic Children. And there are more to come. No matter how much Glynsky protests.

So, what could we play for Alex?

I think I found an appropriate piece.

Here is another house classic,

a one-song act,

a one hit wonder:

Please follow the title and ‘Pump Up the Volume’.

It is by the English M/A/R/R/S from 1987.

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Many returns!

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex

  1. Greetings from Uzbekistan. Back in Vienna on Sunday when normal service will resume.
    I suggest “Alex, Alex, who the f*** is Alex?”
    Have a great birthday, Alex.

  2. Where did I admit to being not much of a singer?
    I don’t remember saying that, or was I writing under the influence again?
    As it happens I am currently singing in a rock choir.
    whilst I am here let me join in and wish Alex a very happy birthday.

  3. The post about the rock choir was the reference. Didn’t you admit there, that it is quite amateurish?

    Pardon me, if my memory played a trick on me.


  4. Dear Alex,

    We do not forget.
    We do not for…,
    no, hold it,
    wrong slogan.

    We have women, reminding us of missed anniversaries in the most expensive way possible. We are well trained, I guess.


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