Happy St. George’s Day

Dear Reader,

At diablog we are always happy to celebrate something.
And since our two gents here are English, at least sort of, today we can celebrate St. George’s Day.

St. George, of course is the patron saint of England and his “colors”,

the St. George’s Cross, was the flag of England until 1606, when it was merged with the St. Andrew’s cross of Scotland.

But St. George is celebrated in tons of places and the red cross appears in dozens of flags. So, let’s make it an inclusive celebration and have a drink together. Maybe with Georgian (sic!) wine, about which I am reading about currently.

And since we are talking about reading, if you don’t like to celebrate St. George, how about celebrating a great author?
Today is Shakespeare’s date of birth and death.

Usually I am careful with Shakespeare. Because – although unlikely –  there is a slight chance, that someone is around, who actually read his works.

A toast to saints and great authors,
Engine Room


Dear diablog,

For an earlier post I used this image to illustrate a point, never realising its potential importance. How forward thinking!


Other than it being the wrong brand,  I must have had in mind all the changes I was about to make at Glynsky towers – and particularly to the International HQ.

As you are aware I collect vinyl (mostly 45’s) which is regularly played on the Rockola and, as well, in the Towers we have the usual ‘hi fi’ (maybe out of date but it works well).
I have though, till now, not had the pleasure of being able to play discs whilst hard at work in the HQ writing posts.

I had thought of investing in a cheap juke (post ’72 stuff is relatively reasonable being around £650) but stumbled on, thanks to a bit of scouting on Ebay, a mid ’50’s Deccalian 5. How cool is this…

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Meet And Greet The F**kers

I am indebted to ER for his recent article:

‘Speech must be set free’

which I assumed to be another censorship articles written for the Diablog.

Having read the post I soon realised that ER was in fact discussing and offering up a 78 page scientific paper on the subject of the F word.
It reminded me that the grammatical usage of this word knows very few boundaries.

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Speech must be set free

Dear Reader,

This week I put up a post, you c**t say c**t in the UK anymore, to which Glynsky objected repeatedly.

Since disagreement is encouraged at diablog and debate a valued feature, I would like to add to that. And I do that with sort of a guest post.

Please, let me introduce you to a scientific paper about and titled


It was published in 2006 by Christopher M. Fairman. He was then Associate Professor of Law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

It can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection:

Or you can read it here: Fuck SSRN-id896790 by diablog

Maybe you’re thinking, 78 pages to read about “fuck”, that is a bit too much. But I highly recommend you do. It is educational and funny.

For the “tl;dr crowd” following some quotes:

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Happy 520th Birthday Pietro Aretino – to be censored soon?

Dear Reader,

Since we congratulated Jost Bürgi, inventor of the second, to his 460th birthday, you are used to diablog mentioning unknown or long forgotten people.

Today we remember, Pietro Aretino, who was born on April 20th, 1492.

Why him? Did I fall in love with the Italians all of a sudden? No.
Did Mr. Aretino invent some technical tool or machine, or a medical procedure or find a cure for some disease? Neither.

So, what makes him special and why should he be remembered now?

According to Wikipedia, Pietro Aretino must be credited with the invention of – hold your breath – “modern literate pornography“.

Already I hear you yelling:

“You promised diablog isn’t about pornography or nekkid girls!”

And you are right, it isn’t. This post has neither pornography, nor any pictures at all. Sorry, if I disappointed anyone.

The reason to remember Mr. Aretino is, that a whole bunch of stupid British politicians – pardon the redundancy – is having another run at internet censorship.

And this time, they want to protect – wait for it – the children. Boy, we didn’t have this in maybe a month or two. It was high time for a re-run.
You can read about it here.

We already had plenty of posts about the technical side of censorship. So, my question today is:

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texts from last night – if I could turn back time

Dear Reader,

Pete brought up the issue of “posting under the influence” here on diablog.

If you happen to use gmail, here is a tip. There is a feature in gmail labs, you will find in “settings”, called “Undo send”.
Once enabled, gmail postpones the sending of every email by a few seconds. That gives you the chance to stop an email, you might regret later.

Why is that helpful? There is a website supporting Pete’s point.

If you go to www.textsfromlastnight.com you will find ample – sometimes amusing – evidence.

So, besides the important rules:

“Don’t drink and drive!”


“Don’t text and drive!”

there is:

“Don’t drink and text”.

Otherwise, you might find yourself singing the first line of this song by Cher the next day(s):

Humming along,

Engine Room