Can’t get it out of my head

Dear Reader,

My last post about Marley, the movie, and his music went unnoticed by Glynsky. Which was quite a surprise, considering what Glynsky wrote about him here. Picking an early Ska song I had been certain to get a reaction out of our somewhat thick man.

While looking through Ska, I listened to one song, which I cannot get out of my head anymore. Posting it here is my attempt, to get rid of it. Maybe i can pass it on?

The unforgettable Desmond Dekker and Israelites:

Let me know, how long it stays in your head.

Still humming,
Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Can’t get it out of my head

  1. Dear ER. A great record and reminds me of being a teenager again.
    I have just read that after 15 years the Intercontinental Group is pulling out of Tashkent. The Hotel will be under new Management and will be renamed as the InContinental. This is not a joke !!!

  2. Dear Smiles,

    Thanks! I am glad to have arranged a little time travel. And pleasing you is way more important than Glynsky.

    Maybe the hotel is aiming for a new target group? Re-branding as a senior citizen residence? Or a place to drop off your baby?


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