Anonymous Comments – Word Verification

Dear Reader,

In support of free speech, you can comment on diablog anonymously.
And we do appreciate your comments very much.

Over the last couple of weeks, the number of SPAM comments from bots has increased quite a lot. These are comments generated and posted by computer programs automatically. Usually they have some more or less senseless text and links to advertising websites. We used to have one or two per day. By now we are getting 20+ of those every day.

Our content management system,, has a SPAM filter, sorting out most of those comments.
But since it isn’t flawless, we still check every comment, whether it is SPAM or not.
That means, we search the web for the comment text and, if it is found on many websites, delete the SPAM. If the text is original, the comment is posted.

This became too time consuming over the last couple of weeks.
Thus, I enabled what is called word verification today.
If you are familiar with this, you can stop reading here.
If you are not, please continue.

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RIP Robin Gibb…. To Love Somebody

Robin Gibb    1949 – 2012

I have recently returned from a few days away and I must say I was surprised that at least two of our esteemed Diablog correspondents made no mention of the sad death of Robin Gibb a few days ago.
I look forward to receiving suitable comments as to why the death of one of the 20th centuries best song writers, failed to warrant a mention on our Diablog.

The singer songwriter was described as having “talent beyond even his own understanding” by DJ Paul Gambaccini.
He added: “The Bee Gees are second only to Lennon and McCartney in British popular music. Their accomplishments have been monumental.”
As well as well known hits such as Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Massachusetts,
New York mining disaster, To love somebody, I’ve gotta get a message to you, etc etc


A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

Dear Reader,

It is the weekend, even a long one at least in the US. A happy Memorial Day weekend!

Both, plus Glynsky being pretty busy and Smiles traveling, gives me the opportunity to post something, that concerns us all. Maybe those, who actually like to be governed do not care as much about the issue. But it concerns them anyway.

In 1996, which feels like yesterday offline and ancient online, John Perry Barlow published a great piece, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.

I am fairly certain, Glynsky and many of his generation know Mr. Barlow as a lyricist for the Grateful Dead. Younger folks might know him better as a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Why am I re-posting it on diablog?

Because 16 years after its publication, it is as relevant today as it was then.

The last paragraphs became even more relevant, since politicians and companies are trying to rule cyberspace according to their wishes, fears or needs.

Here it is:

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Aberdeen – a travel song for Smiles

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator and globetrotter Smiles is on his way to Aberdeen. What a lucky guy. He is almost certain to enjoy either delicious fish or wonderful beef this weekend. Or both.

Many English call Aberdeen the grey city, I prefer silver city.  Depending on the sunset, the granite shines beautifully.

But then, I like visiting Scotland as mentioned here, here and here.

Would I want to move to Scotland? No. A place with temperatures like Aberdeen isn’t suitable for me.

Continuing the tradition to provide travel music for Smiles, and because it is time to play them anyway, here are the Scottish Simple Minds – which is not a reference to Smiles:

Hoping for a safe trip and may Smiles return alive and kicking,
Engine Room

and never the twain shall meat…

Dear diablog,

Cousin Giovanni, the smoothie


recently read a post on ‘food’ supplied by our beloved Engine Room.
Now my cous’ has been articulating serious doubts in recent emails as to whether said beloved has any idea of what life is really like – and in particular the man’s supposed knowledge of the internet, its technology and all his paranoias.

This recent attempt to convince us that Engine Room knows something, anything, about good food (he thinks New York is the mecca for it – Mecca ballroom more like) has driven Giovanni into a frenzy, and to prove that beloved knows nothing about food or technology he sends me a film sneaked at ER’s recent visit to the kitchens of Glynsky Towers and a conversation with Mme Glynskette

How the mighty have fallen!

Yours, diablog, with me chopper


the italian job 1, another bit of the found archive 24…

Dear diablog,

As usual my life turns every few days to a bit more delving into the  enormous pile of Sash Fisher movie memorabilia which becomes ever more fascinating.

This time we concentrate on


a 1961 offering which scores a deserved 6.9 on the IMDb (I have just watched it!) but which includes, as a bonus, a scene to delight Engine Room and his fetish for…

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