ciao ciao tedeschi….

Dear diablog,

Partially to address the diablog (inherited from the BBC) wish for balance following the scurrillous post by Engine Room, and to celebrate the success of class over bluster and ‘we will win this’ (tee hee – you got that wrong) – I choose this over Volare to celebrate Italy’s passage into the Eurofinal on the destruction of (hoorah) Germany.

Bye Bye Germany – out for the count (that’s me). At least I resisited Dad’s Army again!.

Yours, diablog, forza gli Azzurri


out of control, me?????, farewell june…

Dear diablog,

Three of the commentators on diablog have seen fit to suggest that from time to time (if not always) I am in need of a measure of ‘control‘ – be it behaviour, drink or whatever they care to dream up and throw at me!

‘Not me guv’ (to use the immortal words of a diablog favourite personality, ex Tottering coach Signor Arraldo Rougebonce). I am but a simple man for whom pipe and slippers are a byword – if only to light the BarBQ.

July approaches and preparations with Alfas for the continuing summer outings proceed apace, but with an impending trip to Italy I have found a new and fairly sedate method of transport, ideally suited to the Italian motorway system, which completely suits my preference for style and comfort whilst giving agility…

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Congratulations Class of 2012

Dear Reader,

As noted before on diablog, I am quite optimistic regarding our youth. They are a great generation. Attending their high school and college graduation parties is one of the most joyous events every year. And unless something drastic happens, I will continue to do so for another couple of years.

This is one of the most beautiful moments every year:


While you are reading this, I am on my way to celebrate with a bunch of graduates.

Lucky me, I do not have to give speeches at any of the graduations. In case you have to, here is one of the best speeches ever, which was turned into a song. It is 15 years old and still fun. Both, the song and the text, after the break:

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cara mia = this is my ferrari…

Dear diablog,

Once again cousin Giovanni,


is right the button when it comes to the care of a favourite personal possession! Despite this not being a ’60’s Alfa it obviously is the apple of the owners eye.

Could this have been filmed in one of Engine Room’s NYC cycle lanes?

See you later in July cuzz – and I promise not to do it!!

Yours, diablog, going for a service


Keeping Glynsky under control

Dear Reader,

Often I wondered, how does Pete keep Glynsky under control? Now Pete revealed his secret, he even modeled for the product:

This, and other offensive adds from the past, can be found here:

Cute redhead or not, I guess, current owner of Mini, BMW, isn’t too happy being confronted with this past ad:

Stay politically incorrect,
Engine Room

Nobel Peace Prize Fight – Carter vs. Obama

Dear Reader,

The disappointment about President Obama and his (non-) record on civil liberties and human rights was mentioned before on diablog.

And as a small reminder, the Nobel committee gave the 2009 Peace Prize to Obama with the intention of encouraging future achievements.

Three years later is fair to say, both, the committee and Obama, failed.
There is no peace in Iraq. There is no peace in Afghanistan.

Obama fans will object, that Obama did not start these wars.
To those I say: drone wars in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, …

Another recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (2002) raised his voice, a democrat and ex President, Jimmy Carter.

Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Carter hasn’t been without criticism either.
He can be blamed for arming the same people, causing trouble in Afghanistan today. The hawk behind Carter was then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. And guess who is advising Obama today? That is one dangerous man who needs to be retired ASAP.

Now here is what Jimmy Carter wrote in the New York Times.

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