Eye Candy and the Garmento Garden

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Everyone here seems concerned about the girls and me. Please, don’t worry.

The Garment District isn’t one of the beautiful areas of NY. During the 90s the garment industry lost over 250,000 jobs alone. That did not help.
And 8th Avenue is rather ugly. The arrival of the NYT in its shiny building with Dean & Deluca close by did not change that yet. Where Times Square is “cleaned up”, there are still peep shows, strip joints and other “adult entertainment” businesses on 8th.

But there are at least two great things about the area.

Between all the guys still pushing garment racks or piles of fabric across the streets, there are the showroom models running around. Either looking for a gig or on their way to appointments, the most beautiful girls of the world you will find on Fashion Avenue, and it’s many coffee shops.

And during lunch breaks and at the end of the working day, you have a real jewel close by:

Which I mentioned earlier on diablog.

Occupying one block between 5th and 6th Avenue, behind the NY Public Library, you will find a great place to relax, for your lunch break or after work drinks.

Bryant Park Cafe serves good food, the bar is crowded for happy hour, you have free wifi, a reading corner, sandwich bars, coffee shops, etc. Sadly, smoking is prohibited in the park. Oh well.

But you can play checkers, chess and backgammon here.
Beware, there are many pros around, some of them are looking for “fish”.
Many are more than willing to teach you. Some Grandmasters play here regularly.

Even nicer, there are great concerts taking place in Bryant Park. Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to some great music, Miles Davis pieces mostly. The concert was part of After Work Music.

If you want to follow what is going on in Bryant Park, have a look at Blog.BryantPark.org.

Who needs a garden with that close by?
I love the city.

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