my work is done, farewell july…

Dear diablog,

Christina continues to be thrilled at her ‘technology’ submissions here on G+P’s diablog.


Here, after a great deal of research, she follows up her ‘square peg’ hit (how many page views!!!) with an insight into Glynsky’s labours – though sadly not for an Alfa Romeo!

Brilliant. How I wish it could all be really done so fast! Still, it gives an idea of how I have spent the month – so farewell July, lets hope the fruits of labour work for the whole of the rest of the summer.

Yours, diablog, shedding the overalls


Celebrity Make-Unders

Celebrity make-unders: Madonna, Gaga, Britney and more get digitally mangled

Madonna, Gaga, Britney and more:

Do you fancy getting digitally mangled?

US-based digital artist Danny Evans (AKA Planet Hiltron) specialises in “celebrity make-unders” – painstakingly crafted images of the rich’n’famous looking poor’n’frumpy.

His mangled pictures have made him an overnight sensation in America, where he’s received OMGs and WTFs from pretty much every celebrity news outlet in the country.
Danny’s images range from the hilariously unflattering to the downright unsettling – see, for example, his mind-numbing or should that be bumming picture of Kim Kardashian shown below.

That’s the kind of image that’ll haunt your nightmares for years.

For more of Danny’s uncanny Diablog lunacy, visit the Planet Hiltron Facebook page.

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England Wales Scotland

Dear Reader,

Our resident English expert at diablog, aka Glynsky, likes to point out, that only he knows or at least decides what’s proper English. According to him, everyone outside England does not speak English. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for his definitions and names for the “other languages formerly known as English too.”

Today I stumbled over yet another example, how language can get you into trouble, via flaneur @OxbloodRuffin:


Who said whale watching isn’t risky?
Engine Room

Olympic Games- Glynsky Takes Gold

One man’s cock-up is another man’s ticket to glory: during the climax of the 1,000m speed-skating final at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the four leading skaters simultaneously wiped out, leaving trailing no-hoper ‘Ice Man Glynsky’ to zip past and clinch one of the jammiest, least-deserved gold medals in Olympic history.

Regrettably I have found that the International Olympic committee have now blocked the video that was to be shown below, on the grounds of refusing to show Glynsky on film, so you will have to watch it on the link shown directing you to You Tube.

Happy SysAdmin Day

Dear Reader,

It is the 3rd Friday of July, and that means, System Administrator Day.

Thus, we at diablog thank our guys, who keep us kicking, and the countless system administrators all over the globe, who keep this wonderful internet alive.

Without them, we would not be here.

Dear admins:

Thanks for your patience (!), your ideas, your prudence, your genius and your understanding!

Forever thankful,
Engine Room

Skype Alternatives – a first and promising look

Dear Reader,

In the recent post, Say goodbye to Skype, on diablog, I promised, to find an alternative to Skype. In the past I had looked into it on occasion, but not seriously, more like window shopping.

The two main features of Skype, which I need to replace are telephony and chat.
With Skype one can do more, like file transfer, video chat and desktop sharing, but those are not my core needs.

Plus, files can be sent or exchanged in many ways, most operating systems provide desktop sharing software and – seriously – who would want to see Glynsky or me on video?
Only masochists!

So telephony and chat it is.

Now, one could say, Google is the solution. It has Google Talk for chatting and Google Voice for telephony (no links on purpose).
But, Google knows too much about us already, I have no intention of feeding them more information. Thus, Google is out.

The first stop for information is Wikipedia. And if you look there for comparison of instant messaging clients and comparison of VoIP software you will drown in information.

Focusing on the main task, telephony, reduced the overwhelming pile of information.
This excellent article made my life easy, and I like easy:

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