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Dear Reader,

Which song would be a fit to Smiles being in San Francisco, CA; Anonymous complaining about it here; and Pete diving into the game/virtual reality world of Second Life?

This one fits pretty well. And yes, Glynsky, this time it’s the lyrics, that matter, and the graphics.

A few years ago, Second Life was the big hype.
Everyone “had to be there”, companies rushed to open a presence, expecting “virtual brand building” and making money there. And then?

It did get very quiet, didn’t it?

The last article I saw mentioned some 60,000 more or less active members. Does that sound right, Pete?
That’s small in comparison to the whole internet, but still the equivalent of the population of a city.

Commercial, proprietary platforms have been coming and going. From commercial bulletin board services, to the once free, now commercial usenet, Prodigy, CompuServe, AOL, myspace, countless dating platforms, it is a long list.

It is great fun having a look at some of those old sites at the internet archive, aka

Side note, you will find tons of music there too.

In “meat space” as a rule of thumb every human being is able to maintain contact with around 200 people, give and take a few.
Soon we will know, how many “friends” can a person maintain on facebook? How many tweets can you follow?

Keep exploring,
Engine Room

One thought on “Californication –

  1. Dear ER,
    I researched a little about Second Life before dipping my toe in and the figures you quote are similar to ones I found.
    Large companies opened virtual department stores and many have now closed.
    However corporate branding remains all over the site and whenever I have logged on the various locations seem pretty busy.

    As for it’s future,who knows.

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