Olympic Games- Glynsky Takes Gold

One man’s cock-up is another man’s ticket to glory: during the climax of the 1,000m speed-skating final at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the four leading skaters simultaneously wiped out, leaving trailing no-hoper ‘Ice Man Glynsky’ to zip past and clinch one of the jammiest, least-deserved gold medals in Olympic history.

Regrettably I have found that the International Olympic committee have now blocked the video that was to be shown below, on the grounds of refusing to show Glynsky on film, so you will have to watch it on the link shown directing you to You Tube.

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  1. I understand that special condoms have been made in various colours for the Olympics. Glynsky ordered a box and was so excited when they arrived that he told Mme Glynskette that he was going to wear the gold one tonight. She replied, try silver and come second for once.

  2. Dear Smiles,

    I hope you are enjoying lunch, drinks, weather, sea, beach, company, …

    Just be careful and wear your shoes, please, this time.


  3. Had lunch. No drinks yet today. Weather is great. Sea is beautiful.
    Beach is sandy. Company great as usual.
    Wearing shoes all of the time. No risks this time !!!
    After Hawaii we will be in Washington DC to break up the journey. If you are around, I will buy you dinner.

  4. Thanks for the invite!
    Unfortunately, I will be pretty busy the next couple of weeks.
    We will meet in London sometime this year. You can keep Glynsky under control then, making it enjoyable.


  5. It was in Salt Lake City 202.
    Glynsky was only 85 years old then and therefore considerably fitter than he is now.

    Smiles please don’t put your foot in it, whilst you enjoy your well earned holiday.

  6. Oh ER, wise up!He means Bloody Clever – which he can’t be as neither he (nor you) are with me in heaven. Forget NYC, London, Occupy and all else. There’s more to life here than all of them put together. Glynsky

  7. It’s quite easy to explain:
    I am going senile.

    The I should have been IT, and BC stands for Beyond Comprehension

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