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Dear Reader,

Our resident English expert at diablog, aka Glynsky, likes to point out, that only he knows or at least decides what’s proper English. According to him, everyone outside England does not speak English. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for his definitions and names for the “other languages formerly known as English too.”

Today I stumbled over yet another example, how language can get you into trouble, via flaneur @OxbloodRuffin:


Who said whale watching isn’t risky?
Engine Room

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  1. I see the geek/nerd/fest continues, I am glad that no one has taken on the alias of Casper.

    How is everyone,


  2. Hi Casper,

    And welcome back.
    Everyone is in paradise, which – depending upon whom you ask – is IT, 2nd Life, CA, HI, NY or where ever Alex is hanging around.


  3. Thank you very much,

    Hello E.R and Pete
    I am glad all is well,

    Just out of curiosity on my case have we ever met E.R, are you the same person who I can assosiate :chocolate coin, three different days, a like for pop music but can’t dance and red wine too. If so then this is will be better than great news.

    And yes i saw that a new member has joined.. adding to that what is CA, HI, NY?


  4. Dear Casper,

    I never meet anyone, since I am not supposed to leave the engine room, according to Glynsky.

    CA = California
    HI = Hawaii
    NY = New York

    and to prevent further misunderstandings, IT is Italy in this case.

    PS: What are chocolate coins and what’s their exchange rate?

  5. Chocolate coin -> just a priceless memory, but can be subbed for a chocolate rabbit is america lol not sure on Italies chocolate policies.

    So this is weird I thought you were someone else completely but it’s good that thats out in the open now.

    How is pimpsky anyhow? still stiff on rules I see.


  6. It is totally open, I am someone totally different. As long as the other person did baaaaaaaad things, that is. I’m Mr. Innocent.

    According to Pete, Glynsky is as stiff as one can get, and we are supposed to celebrate that.
    Or something like that.


  7. I must say I would like to meet the person who I have been cyber flirting with at somepoint as my mind is being stupid in making me think I like you.

    Anyway I wont be joining the stiffness celebration, but have fun.


  8. SCNR what does that mean.

    And say no more, I get it.

    I am sure glynsky takes it all as complements.


  9. You are confusing E.R I thought you were nice,

    Well it’s good to know that you can go out, I still think we should meet though, if nothing else we can be friends, you seem ‘aight’.

    No my search engine still works, I am slowly easing my self back to reality, so not using the search engine at the moment.

    Thiers only one part of Glynsky I can believe is growing soft.


  10. Dear Casper,

    Nice is the little brother of shit.
    At least that’s, what my daughters taught me.

    And I am being invited to meet and ‘friendzoned’ at the same time? Well, that’s a promising start for romance.

    Glynsky was clear and firm: I am allowed outside, but not to leave the property.


  11. Hi from me Casper. I share your confusion with ER (elizabeth regina?)and am the most approachable of all! Don’t waste your time – talk to me, the hedonist.


  12. Ah to be young and still able to romance,

    Yes I would like to meet ofcourse somewhere public and with lots of alcohol, I worry about your age but I have a mature head so I am sure I can keep conversation.

    and Glynsky you are more than welcomed to join I am sure you will be appreciated too.


  13. Thanks, Casper,

    For the invitation, if that is one. I am honored and quite speechless.

    Meeting is easy. Just pick a chat room at an IRC of your liking.
    Or are we talking meat space here?
    Then, what’s your preferred time zone, continent, country, city, cafe/pub/bar?
    (No tea rooms for me please)


  14. I guess both seem passable,

    Why so speechless?

    Meeting as in face to face, England, city Leeds.


  15. Dear Casper,

    Leeds? As in Leeds, Yorkshire?

    Sorry to say, that’s a “Gamma City”, I don’t think I go to gamma cities.
    Glynsky might!

    Small hint: NYC and London are the only two Alpha + + cities in the world. (Not sure why London, but hey).

    Speechless, because of the uniqueness of that invite.


  16. Gamma city ..

    Well when I move to London in the future I might send an invite your way.


  17. Engine Room,

    No offence taken, Leeds is close by to where I am and London is where I would like to be once I finish my studies, but all sore subjects at the moment as I am in hospital, anyway… do you not have a base or do you live in the skies never settling.
    And Glynsky I didn’t think you cared haha, where Mme glynskette?


  18. Dear Casper,

    What are you studying? And what do you do in a hospital?

    If you ask Glynsky, am totally baseless, senseless, and not to forget hopeless. But he is building a love nest for me, or so he said.


  19. I will be studying Mathematics but not for a while, In hospital I look at walls and read, while I wait.
    A love nest, how interesting and as for the descriptions of your self that is one nest I best stay clear of.
    What do you do apart from being trapped in ‘Glynksy Towers’ feeling baseless,senseless and hopeless.


  20. Oh, Casper,

    So you’re a brainiac? Do you play chess too?

    Why would you stay away from love nests???

    If you ask me, I am slaving away. If you ask Glynsky, every day of my life is a holiday.


  21. I dont know and yes,
    I stay away from anything emotional and that includes ‘love nests’.


  22. A little smile maybe,

    And no to jabber, it looks weird, I might explore later, I am guessing you have an account with them?


  23. Haha, I see what you did there, very funny. This website will be the death of me.

    Why can’t we email, I have a feeling I might get bored of jabber with only you to talk to,


  24. Dear Casper,

    We do not intend to harm anyone, much less kill people.

    Surely, you will find my email address here on diablog, Mrs. Smartypants. Probably within seconds.

    Happy searching,


  25. That is an unmagable task for me right now, could give me a hand?, ‘Mr, I know am better but ill pretend I dont know that’


  26. I have no clue, whom you addressing there.

    If you look at the page “Who is Glynsky” or “Who is Pete”, you could see, how our email addresses are structured. And then you could guess mine.

    Happy guessing,


  27. I have guessed twice but that’s all the effort that I have for guessing games right now, any of them correct?


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