Celebrity Make-Unders

Celebrity make-unders: Madonna, Gaga, Britney and more get digitally mangled

Madonna, Gaga, Britney and more:

Do you fancy getting digitally mangled?

US-based digital artist Danny Evans (AKA Planet Hiltron) specialises in “celebrity make-unders” – painstakingly crafted images of the rich’n’famous looking poor’n’frumpy.

His mangled pictures have made him an overnight sensation in America, where he’s received OMGs and WTFs from pretty much every celebrity news outlet in the country.
Danny’s images range from the hilariously unflattering to the downright unsettling – see, for example, his mind-numbing or should that be bumming picture of Kim Kardashian shown below.

That’s the kind of image that’ll haunt your nightmares for years.

For more of Danny’s uncanny Diablog lunacy, visit the Planet Hiltron Facebook page.


Brangelina: knackered


Aniston: cat-scented


Rihanna: wifesome


Kim: aaarrrrggh

This last one is a particular favourite shown below:


5 Replies to “Celebrity Make-Unders”

  1. Dear Pete,

    Who are those people?

    And weren’t you in charge of aesthetics at diablog? At least when it comes to photos and images?


  2. Most people would know all of them.
    You are obviously not most people.

    Which images would you like clarification on?

  3. Dear Pete,

    None of those people made it down into the engine room yet.
    Thus, we have not been introduced.
    I saw part of a “spontaneous” Rihanna concert on Times Sq a few years back. Horrible.

    So, would you introduce me to all, please?

    Totally unknown is the one (not mentioned) in the first group and this last couple. Relatives? Of Glynsky’s?


  4. The first four are:,
    Bitney Spears,Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Mr and Mrs David Beckham.
    They are followed by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit.
    Then we have Jennifer Aniston,the singer Rihanna and Kim Kardashian who is famous for being famous.
    Finally a look into the future with Prince William and his royal wife Kate Middleton after a few more royal banquets.

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