If Big Brother (1984) is reality, is this our future?

Dear Reader,

During my nightly wanderings around the internet, this fell into my lap. Please watch in full screen mode:

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

It is a wonderful piece of art, a student graduation project.
And maybe it is, what our near future will look like?

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

3 Replies to “If Big Brother (1984) is reality, is this our future?”

  1. This is brilliant.Is this what will happen to us?
    I would say definitely YES the way things are going.
    In fact I would say the future, as shown in this superb short film is almost upon us now.

  2. Dear Pete,

    I am very glad you like it, thanks for the compliment.

    Google glasses and other gadgets with HUD are going into that direction.

    And the “gamer generation” will be motivated by “scoring points” and “leveling up”. BTW, both is not gender specific.

    Thus, general marketing is likely to follow.


  3. I was enjoying that until the end… that creeped the buhjeebs out of me,

    Pretty cool, but scary,


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