my work is done, farewell july…

Dear diablog,

Christina continues to be thrilled at her ‘technology’ submissions here on G+P’s diablog.


Here, after a great deal of research, she follows up her ‘square peg’ hit (how many page views!!!) with an insight into Glynsky’s labours – though sadly not for an Alfa Romeo!

Brilliant. How I wish it could all be really done so fast! Still, it gives an idea of how I have spent the month – so farewell July, lets hope the fruits of labour work for the whole of the rest of the summer.

Yours, diablog, shedding the overalls


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  1. Summer is great. Still on Oahu. Tomorrow Polynesian Centre and Wednesday helicopter trip around the island. Aloha !!!

  2. Dear Smiles,

    Heli flights are absolutely great, a wonderful way to get a first impression and a sense of what is where in the city as well.

    Enjoy and have fun,

  3. In our case, it will be a last impression as we sadly leave Hawaii the next day. Still plenty of the world to see eg Glynsky Towers.

  4. I am not planning to stay at GT for too long but I heard that the food is very good there.

  5. The answer is to go there when The Arse are playing at home. He will be out for several hours.
    While on the subject of food, we just returned from the excellent breakfast buffet at our hotel but it never ceases to amaze me what the Americans waste in food. Reduce the portions, take less and feed the rest of the world !!!
    We just saw a young American couple
    take a cooked breakfast, waffles and Danish pastries. At least 50 percent was left to be thrown away. I think that the pigs (animals)in USA eat very well.

  6. Noted.
    And agreed. That’s why in the city you get a doggy bag, and why one does not have to cook. “Shall we go out, order in, or have leftovers”. The normal portion of a main course easily feeds 2-3.
    BTW, are there family-style Italian restaurants in London?


  7. Probably yes but better to ask Glynsky as he lives there. In Vienna and Vilnius, definitely not.
    Now sitting on my rocking chair on the veranda of our cottage, watching surfers and the occassional turtle.

  8. I could do , if the book fell on my foot. I am reading “In the garden of beasts” by Erik Larson. This time, not about Glynsky but much bigger beasts.

  9. The best books about this period are “I Shall Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1933-41” and “To the Bitter End: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1942-45”

    Now one of us has to get some stuff done, and it ain’t you!


  10. I wish to drag you both back to the title of the post.
    ‘My work is done’
    Does that mean that the writer is moving on to his rightful place in hell?
    Should we put the champagne on ice?

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