Save The Whale Or Else…

Apparently I am becoming a fat bastard and this needs addressing according to my current wife.
She remains unconvinced of my assertion that:
‘It is a scientific fact that the body will not absorb calories if you take it from another person’s plate’

Everyone else knows this to be true, but despite the above she feels I should lose some weight.


When I say ‘some’ I am apparently not talking about a few pounds, I am given to understand that we are talking at least fourteen pounds, or to all you Diablog foreigners out there, around 6 kilo.

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Indian Summer Red and Redheads

Dear Reader,

Are you looking forward to Indian Summer?
Oh, sorry Brits, I hear you didn’t even have a regular one, did you?
Indian summer brings out all shades of red. I love it, it is a wonderful travel season, maybe the most beautiful one on the east coast.

Glynsky and Pete love red too, but more like redheads. They are living proof of the line:

Blonds are for boys, brunettes are for men, but only the best can handle redheads

Back in 1987, 25 years ago, an attractive 16-year-old redhead triggered puberty for guys worldwide. Of course, I am talking about Tiffany.
With the remake of the 1967 song “I think we’re alone now” she had a huge hit. Have a look:

Rumors are, the guy with the ridiculous comb-over is Glynsky.
If some of Tiffany’s dance moves remind you of someone, check Brittney Spears’ first hit video, Baby one more time, around 1:20. The same stuff every 10 years.

Tiffany later in her “career” posed for Playboy. Sorry, guys, you have to search for her pics elsewhere. I am confident you don’t need a link from diablog for that.

Ready for Indian Summer,

Engine Room

double gold for the BBC…

Dear diablog,

This post replaces the now traditional (hopefully funny) ‘farewell’ film clip to the current month (and anyway they were in August) as, due to circumstances, I was not able to cover as I would have wished the Olympics whilst they were happening.
I understand this to have been the case in the U.S as well as brilliant programming (to maximise advertising revenue) only allowed the telly to give coverage 6 hours after the event. Are the Americans, whose sporting traditions are legendary, still catching up on the 10,000 metres due to ads from Gap?

I also noticed that there was little from Engine Room (whose idea of exercise is getting up in the morning) or Pete (who never gets up) and now that the Paralympics have started with the really poor coverage by Channel 4 it brings into focus what an absolutely fantastic job was done by all at the


Everything, but everything was a-maze-ing! Camera, schedule, info and above all the commentators.

I have always been a fan of the Olympian Michael Johnson (and I still can’t believe he turned down US TV to work for ‘us’) whose insights and descriptions are truly interesting and very sanguine and to the point

and a little in love with Denise Lewis

but the sight of the ‘studio clip’ of they and the others going completely mental…

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Early UK Royal X-Mas Calendar Preview

Dear Reader,

For a while Nevada has been using the marketing slogan “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas“. The recent week you got ample proof, that this is your usual advertising bla bla.

But this post isn’t about Vegas.

It is about the national pride of our beloved Glynsky and his royalist side.
Oh, and his love for everything xmas.

So, with and for Glynsky’s pleasure, we present, supplied by, a preview of the 2012 Christmas Calendar of the Royal Family:

Could anyone please watch out for the royal jewels?

Engine Room

classic and sports car magazine, happy 30th…

Dear diablog

So why was Glynsky seen recently on a night out by the river

listening to swing music
with an Alfa

eating the best burger EVER from Street Kitchen and  ice cream from a fully restored van (yes, people even do these!!)


Of course, at the Classic and Sports Car mag’s 30th Birthday party held in Teddington at their offices!


And an excellent time it was as well!!
As previously mentioned on the G+P diablog, September will be a busy ‘car’ month (and you will all be bored by loads of photos) and this was a superb opener to the coming fest with all sorts of cars on view – all by special invitation. There was an extraordinary range of models on view from the ‘elderly’ exotics


Bugatti and Talbot, to the more…

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News from FreedomBox – our own, free, uncensored Cloud

Dear Reader,

When the FreedomBox was announced a while ago, I was pretty excited. And the project is moving ahead nicely.

Glynsky still does not understand the issue.
So, for his benefit, here is a short explanation and an update.

In the beginning there were large mainframe computers, used by specialists.
Next, people were sitting in front of computer terminals, connected to those mainframes. But they were only entering or reading data, dumb “users”. The language tells a lot here.
IT was a system of “masters” and “slaves”. And the user was the slave of the mainframe and its administrators.

Then home computers and PCs were introduced, mostly XT and AT.
With that the first steps of freedom arrived. The user grew to become his/her own administrator.
When PCs were introduced on larger scale in business, many companies turned the PC into stupid terminals. Banks were famous for this. Instead of unleashing the power of the PC and enabling their employees, they remained in the “master and slave” world.

Jumping forward to the internet.
In its beginnings it was a decentralized network of “masters”. Every connected computer was equally “client” and “server”. Note the change in language.

But over time, platforms were developed, leading back to centralization. Slowly, the formerly free PC and their owners became users and slaves again. Slaves of platforms. Like in the terminal days, the user sits in front of his/her PC and enters and reads data from a master, in this case a platform.
Dominant platforms are Google for search; Facebook, Twitter, WordPress for publishing; Facebook, Gmail for communication.

The last two years have demonstrated the weakness of that structure. Censorship, privacy issues, spying governments, all this got easy with centralization, domineering platforms.

The Freedombox will change that. How?

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