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Dear diablog,

Amongst all of Sash Fishers artifacts there is one which I really adore. I can’t find out too much about it but I really think it classy and rather lovely.

This watch is branded ‘G HITOR’ about which I can find nothing. It was certainly made either during or immediately after WW2 (for reasons which will be obvious later) and according to a specialist of my acquaintance, a hotch potch of bits none of which are marked or immediately recognisable.
The hands are steel, the case 9ct gold and it is a chrono – end of. But is it really?
First, the markings on the dial, which look like brown leaves are…
… all sorts of timing values as can be seen more clearly as follows
but what they are for and why is a mystery to me and maybe a keen observer will be able to make head or tail of what it is all about. Was it to determine submarine depth (I joke), but there are so many values shown it is all too much.
However, the main point of interest is not all this, it is the inscription on the back!

This is in whatever Yugoslav language was being used at the time and says something to the effect of ‘ To our friend Lt. Fisher from his friends in the Yugoslav Navy’ – Smiles will probably be able to comment with something more accurate. If he can’t, I know Mr. Wuss would be able to translate it as he did it for me some years ago, but I have lost the piece of paper!

Whatever it says, I think this is not just rather attractive but a truly historic piece which deserves some proper research. All seems a mystery for now, though, as will be revealed later (and is noted in Sash’s bio in various places) he did receive some serious medals and recognition from the Yugoslav people at the end of the war and this may have been part or refer to these achievements. Whatever, it is most intriguing and poses more questions than answers – and it tells the time very accurately, for which I can vouch as I wear it almost every day!

Yours, diablog, ticking


4 thoughts on “keeping watch …

  1. I cannot believe it!!!
    Since writing this, Glynskytowers was broken into and this stolen. I have loads of fotos, but if anyone sees it anywhere, please let me know.
    There is a reward.
    Shit happens – regularly!

  2. I just spoke to Glynsky and unfortunately it is true. Our heart feels for you. We go home tomorrow and hopefully do not find the same.
    Keep your chin(s) up.

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