Feedburner will be extinguished

Dear Reader,

Since day one of diablog you have been able to “subscribe” to our posts via email. That meant, you received one email on every day, that we posted something with all the posts of that day. And that was free as in free beer.

Our provider of that service is, or better was, Feedburner.

At one point Feedburner has been acquired by Google.
And now Google management – in its infinite wisdom – decided to shut down Feedburner.
On October 20th, there will be no more Feedburner.

On a personal note:

Thanks, Google, for adding to the pile of work, Glynsky is sending my way already.

Back to things on hand.

Already I removed the subscription tool from this site. I will use the next three weeks to find another solution.

In the meantime, all our beloved subscribers should continue to receive their emails.
And in due time, we will announce another provider and you will then will be asked kindly to subscribe again.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

8 Replies to “Feedburner will be extinguished”

  1. Obviously you like making extra work for yourself but maybe Alex could help in her spare time.
    Why do people need to subscribe to the diablog? Do the pay you for the subscription? Why can’t they read the diablog on the internet (like I do) and then make comments. Simple !!
    Problem solved. No extra work for you or even Alex.

  2. As a good friend of mine would say:
    ‘That’s a bit of bad’.
    Good luck with resolving the issue either way

    What work is Glynsky giving you and why are you doing it?

  3. Dear Smiles,

    The beauty of the internet, there are many ways to “consume” content.
    An email subscription f. e. allows for offline reading or easy saving.
    Quite a few still like and use RSS/Atom feeds.
    And diablog likes to please its readers. I was told.


  4. Now I know. Keep working then. I hear that Glynsky is going on holiday again. The work must be done until he returns.

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