How the Internet will transform government

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Do you feel it?
Already the internet is changing politics. The global protests against ACTA, PIPA, SOPA and other acronym monsters were a clear sign.

Like other media – books, newspapers, telephone, radio, TV – the internet is changing how we get information.

But there is a much more important aspect to the internet.
It is the combination of everything the other media are. Plus, it is participatory. Not a one way street, not only a one-on-one diablog like the telephone.

Here comes a brilliant and entertaining speech, a TED talk, by someone much smarter than us. He explains, how the internet will (one day) transform how we govern ourself (sic!).

It must be fun, being a student and having a professor like Clay Shirky.

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7 Replies to “How the Internet will transform government”

  1. An excellent speaker. I have a friend in Vienna, who also makes excellent presentations without the use of notes etc. Of course, he is British !

  2. Sometimes ER I get really concerned that you actually believe the bollocks you write – and the people who proclaim the same.
    What a load of up your arse nonsense.
    Oh sorry, forgot.
    #occupy, the internet, global protests against ACTA, clever nerds and animal rights activists have at last managed to stop the killing in Iran, solved famine, provided hospitals in Chad (whatever happened to those poor bastards?).
    Good work, I congratulate all of you for saving the world.
    Heard a lot from Dr. Marx recently? How does he feel about it?
    When will you and Pete finally realise that being a ‘western deeply caring person’ – aka Leftie – has nothing to do with what life is really about.
    It is the self indulgence of the navel gazing ‘better off’ (and their desire for a meaning in their life to atone for having more than their neighbours) to the point of vanity about so called ‘high minded’ and ‘ higher ground’ ideals.
    Just enjoy life and stop worrying about it.
    It’s the only one we have.

  3. I love the TED presentations, I watched one on viruses the other day, the guy presenting it managed to get the point across, have a really high quality presentation, and managed to keep the whole thing fairly humorous.

  4. Oh look,

    Only Glynsky did not get it.

    The presentation could have the title: How to manage debates within large groups, or: Project management in large groups.

    And it has nothing to do with what you, Glynsky, are ranting about. Which does not relate to me by the way. I am enjoying life, it is almost illegal.


  5. Glynsky,

    Since you prefer old school politics, you know, behind closed doors, without involving the plebs, etc.

    How is that genial, English, Middle East envoy doing?

    Pleas update on how well that famous British diplomacy is going.


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