2nd Anniversary of diablog

Dear Reader,

Ten days ago, Glynsky created a little mess here and some confusion. This is neither extraordinary, nor reason for a post, he does this every day. Multiple times.
Just ask Madame Glynskette, or Pete for that matter. Smiles might have stories to add from the old days.

My birthday is today, I arrived here with the first post on diablog, two years ago, on September 29th, 2010.

And this is a reason to celebrate. Not me, but the 2nd anniversary.

In the last two years we had tons of fun.

Our thanks go to Madame Glynskette, Marsha, Nana, Elsbeth, Casper, Biella, Emily, Christina, Philippa, Malea, Laura, Kim, Jenny, Anna, Eliana, Olivia, Vox, Dann, Marta, Isis, Sharon, Jasmin, Kira, Stephanie, Marylee, Katelyn, Smiles, Alex, Claude, Wil, Paul, Jack, Phil, Louis, Mo, John, Icarius, Jakkoo, Devy, Jem, Kris, Aaron, Dennis, the resident shrink, the blind dentist, the cousins from Italy, and all readers, whom we don’t know yet.

To everyone who comments, sends us material, inspires us, criticizes us, reads us:

Thank you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are walking on sunshine.

Engine Room

2 Replies to “2nd Anniversary of diablog”

  1. Congratulations for staying the 2 years.
    Mine are not stories about Glynsky but well documented events in history like:
    Glynsky and the Black Bear in Brno.
    Glynsky doing his bit for NATO by trying to run over a Czechoslovak soldier standing near the road.
    Glynsky and the Bratislava Police after being stopped for the 3rd time in 3km driving from the restaurant.
    The Milupa Genearation of the under 40s will never have the fun which we had.
    Finally, I was just filling in my application form for a new Indian Visa. Now, instead of the usual 2 choices for sex, Male or Female, there is a 3rd – Transgender !!!

  2. Congratulations.
    I’m happy to have stumbled upon this little oasis in the world wi(l)de interwebthingy.

    Raising the glass to all of you,

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