Pre-Pre-Preview – We are Legion

Dear Reader,

We did not bother you with Anonymous and/or WikiLeaks for a while at diablog. You, in that case, means Glynsky. But the following might interest our grumpy top dog even.

For a while, a documentary has been in the making with the title:

Old school hackers might object to the title, claiming Anonymous are not “hacktivists” in the traditional sense. But this is one of the goals of the documentary, to find out what Anonymous is, or is not. If that can be answered.
Trailers of the movie have been online for a while. This weekend though the full movie became available on Youtube. You can find it here, here, here and probably in a bunch of other places too.
It is obvious, that a movie about Anonymous would find its way online. As far as I can tell, plenty of copies have been made already, and no DMCA take-down notice or any other way will make it go away.
And I guess, the creators of the movie are not trying to.
They released a statement yesterday: “Such an old version…. we will release the real one soon“.
The version on Youtube supposedly is six months old and not the final cut. For example, it lacks the FBI part of the LulzSec story, the arrests, etc.
But it is worth seeing. It is informative, full of personal stories and interviews, and – as far as I can tell from far outside – gives you a detailed, accurate picture.  But have a look yourself. The least you will gain is some understanding of the online world and social networks in general.
Will the unofficial, maybe even illegal, release hurt the business? Will people watch online instead of seeing the final version in movie theaters, paying for it?
I doubt it.
Screening dates for the movie are making the rounds, you can find them here:
and various anons announced via twitter and elsewhere, that they ill attend screenings, will watch the movie, pay for it, and – naturally – be part of the spectacle, which can be expected to take place at movie theaters.
And that is an experience, the pirated version cannot deliver.
Enjoy the preview, and go see the movie.
Engine Room

Happy 50th Lincoln Center

Dear Reader,

On this day 50 years ago, 23 September 1962, “my music room” opened.
OK, that is an exaggeration, but this is what I call it. Most people refer to it as the:

If that does not ring a bell, no pun intended, let me throw three names at you of institutions, which are part of the Lincoln Center:

If that doesn’t do it, this picture will help your memory:

This is, where world class entertainment happens. Every day!

Why do I call it “my music room”?

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Brain – it cannot stop learning and computer work helps

Dear Reader,

In this post I will refrain from making fun of Glynsky. Although it is really hard considering the subject: brains.

The brain is one of the most fascinating parts of a human body. And research into its development and workings is making huge progress.

One recent example of the benefits of that research is a brain controlled robotic orthosis as described here. If this is developed further, the wheelchair could be a relict one day. How great would that be?!

For years I have been saying: You cannot stop the brain from learning and adapting.
Two recent studies support my opinion.

One was presented at a TED talk:

The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

It shows, what parents know and have been saying for centuries, the adolescent brain is going through a development phase. The next time your teenage daughter or son drives you mad, think of the TED talk. And help your son/daughter to develop. In a nice way of course.

The other study is even more relevant to our oldies, Glynsky and Pete. And for you, in case you are a bit older already. The study claims:

Older men who use computers have lower risk of receiving a diagnosis of dementia up to 8.5 years later.

Thus, reading diablog keeps you mentally fit. What more could you ask for?

Stay sane,
Engine Room


Internet – reducing borders and barriers

Dear Reader,

National borders don’t really matter online. The politicians haven’t noticed yet, or refuse to acknowledge, which is shown in all those stupid, national attempts to censor the internet. Recently well documented with that Mohammad video.

One barrier remained though, and that is language.
Websites like and Google Translate are helpful, but far from sufficient. If you happen to speak more than one language make a test. It is quite entertaining.

But the internet might – in the long run – solve this problem.

Update: Here is a recent study about languages in the digital world.

In the past, English music, movies and TV series exported the language to foreign countries. Except for those, where cultural products were or still are dubbed. If you travel to Scandinavia or Benelux, almost everybody speaks English there.

And if you look at international, youth dominated websites like or, you will find plenty of youngsters, who say “I learned my English online”, through gaming, reading, browsing, communicating.

Large, non-English audiences online are in China, Russia and South America. But, as pointed out earlier, more Chinese people are learning English, than people are speaking it right now. And according to this interesting article here, English is sneaking into the Chinese language. So much so, that elderly have a problem reading Chinese newspapers (quote):

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fun fun fun…

Dear diablog,

As I reported in earlier posts, September was to be a huge car event month for Mme, me and the Alfa Romeo Giulia SS.

I have still to post something on the Chelsea Autolegends and finish the Salon Prive series, but I had to put this ahead of everything else! Last weekend we went to the Goodwood Revival weekend.
As in previous years it was nothing short of fantastic and everyone as usual was dressed in ’50’s and ’60’s clothes!
As an aside, there is something to be said for braces (suspenders to a colonial – what do they call the things that women use to hold up stockings? Don’t suggest legs!!!) as not wearing a belt was rather comfortable, ugly but comfortable. However, rather than regale you – again –  with photos of very pretty girls in mini skirts and luverly cars, this time something completely different, and an exclusive video by Mme. Glynskette.

Before we start a couple of warnings. Sadly the film quality in these 2 clips is a bit poor and Mme. is not the worlds best sound engineer!
This year my friend on the organising committee hit on an absolutely brilliant idea. Julius you are a genius!

By way of intro to what follows try this

and now allow me to show you an exclusive movie shot by Mme Glynskette (brilliant picnic by the way!) of the Goodwood Revival’s first ever…

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