Glynsky is wrong … says Bank of England

Dear Reader,

For a year and a bit now, Glynsky and I have been disagreeing about the Occupy movement. That isn’t noteworthy. We disagree almost all the time.

But today is a hard day for our beloved patron.

Right after his latest attempt to mock the Occupy movement here, Glynsky is being proven wrong. How sad is that?

Two of Glynsky’s most respected institutions, the BBC and the Bank of England, are showing, Glynsky is dead wrong:

In his speech Mr Haldane gave what many will see as a surprising endorsement to the group.

“Occupy has been successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason: they are right,” he said in his speech.

You can read the full BBC article here.

This must hurt so much. I hope, Madame Glynskette will provide the necessary healing for poor Glynsky. Otherwise he might fall silent again, sulking for days. I think, a few containers of her world class ice cream are needed now.

Stay sane,
Engine Room

Last Man Standing

Our heroic foreign correspondent ER wrote in his recent post about
The odd snowflake threatening New York City and other places.

At the time of reading it I thought he sounded a little cynical and perhaps even complacent.
He felt the story of what the rest of thought might be a serious  potential disaster, was being totally over-hyped by the media.
He told us to check a link to a web cam in the city for further proof of the panic measures being taken.
At the time of writing this Diablog  the Camera is regrettably no longer there, having been blown into the sea off Manhatten.

If ER has survived his personal Bridge over troubled waters, I felt that he should be playing the following song on a continuous loop.

Of course in the unlikely and unfortunate event he might have been wrong, a memorial service will be held at International Headquarters at a day to be fixed some time next week.
(subject to weather)

wall street closed says bbc…

Dear diablog’

For once the BBC news today was laden with good cheer. Apparently Sandy


– not that one, oh well mistakes happen – has closed Wall Street tonight. At last.

This energising rinse has been a long time coming but not a moment too soon. With the help of the Atlantic Ocean we at GlynskyandPete rejoice that at last a way of clearing the dross of the #occupywall street and all their attendant mess has been at found. Or are they going down with the ship – tied to their spandex tents. Maybe this Bobby Darin hit will help keep their spirits (and inflateables) up whilst they move on – forever? Ah me, hope springs eternal.

Come to think of it, they must need baths badly – or did they go home each night!!!

Don’t mess with nature, she knows more than you – though with # it’s not too difficult.

Yours, diablog, in hope


Password Control


Let me hazard a wild guess: the system of passwords you use on the internet – for accessing online banking, email, shopping sites, Twitter and Facebook accounts – is a mess.
You know perfectly well what you ought to be doing: for each site you visit, you should be choosing a different, complex sequence of letters, numbers and symbols, and then memorising it.

Apparently rule number one of the conventional wisdom on passwords is: never, ever write them down.

But most of us don’t do this, because we weren’t blessed with a brain that’s capable of such feats.
So instead many of us use the same familiar words for every site – your dog’s name, the name of your street – with occasional ingenious permutations, such as adding “123” at the end. Or maybe you do try to follow the rules, in which case you’re probably constantly getting locked out of your bank account or trying to remember the answers to various absurd security questions.

And things are getting worse: these days, you find yourself forced to choose passwords with both upper- and lower-case letters, and what normal human being can remember multiple combinations of those? Not me and probably not you, that’s for sure.
One reason not to feel too guilty about your bad password behavior is that it seems to be almost universal.

Last month, an analysis of leaked PIN numbers revealed that about one in 10 of us uses “1234”;

A recent security breach at Yahoo showed that thousands of users’ Passwords were either “password”, “welcome”, “123456” or something equally stupid.

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What the Media make out of the Weather

Dear Reader,

The newspapers are full of “Sandy”. And the whole world is concerned. Even our beloved Elsbeth is. (Thanks!)

May I put things into perspective a bit?

For example, the American media have no word for snow falling. As soon as some media person discovers three (3) snow flakes in the air, we have a “Snowstorm”.

That fills plenty of radio and TV air time. The broadcast costs close to nothing and it grabs almost as much attention as a live sports broadcast. Advertising rates go up, the media make money, people get fooled, end of story.

While the rest of the world holds its breath, the kids enjoy a day off from school, employees are sent home early, or stay at home right away. Why? If you force your employees to come in during heavy weather, and they get hurt on their way, you might be liable.
Thus, everyone stays home.
There are always plenty of nutters, who think the world comes down, buying “reserves”. The only result: retailers are happy.

If you really want to know, what is happening, I recommend checking our webcams.
That is about the only advantage of the surveillance state we are living in. You can check one of the hundreds of NYC webcams online. Here is a handy map:

Have a look.
The webcams will show you, it is rainy right now. Traffic is slow, thanks to hysterical people shutting down the city. Otherwise, we are still around.
Side note: No, I will not stand in front of any of those cams to wave at you and a billion others. That’s what tourists do. Plus, I am ugly. At least that’s what Glynsky says.

Back to the issue on hand.
The same spectacle happens every year.  The media love it. The retailers love it. The politicians love it. The kids love it. Employees love it.

Don’t get fooled. See it as an additional holiday. And stay calm and move on.
Or send care packages with Single Malt. That does not change the weather, but helps me survive the idiotic media hype.

Nevertheless, thanks for your concern.

Engine Room

Enjoy responsibly – Angel’s Share

Dear Reader,

Please consider me sitting here comfortably, sipping a wonderful Macallan Selected Oak.


I got this bottle as a present and once opened, it has to be emptied. Otherwise the aroma just evaporates.

Which reminds me of a nice movie I had the pleasure viewing not too long ago.
The title is “The Angels’ Share“:

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Happy Birthday Philly

Dear Reader,

Today we can celebrate the 330th birthday of Philadelphia. It was founded on this day in 1682.

Nicknamed “Philly” and “The City of Brotherly Love”, it was once the largest city and busiest port in “the colonies”. It served as temporary capital while Washington was under construction.

At times I wish, it would go back to being the center of the revolutionaries. Fighting for liberties is as necessary today as it was then.

Philadelphia is home of the Liberty Bell and gave us the Philly Cheesesteak. But I am sure, Glynsky will tell us, that was invented in London, like he claims for pastrami.

What is a good way to celebrate? With the great song “Streets of Philadelphia”:

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