A wonderful Night Cap

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We have mentioned red wine a couple of times on diablog, all of us like a nice red. Some of us drink it by the glass, others – I won’t name names, Glynsky, – consume bottles or even whole cases of it.

The following recommendation makes for a wonderful night cap, when you want to have a glass or maybe two of great red wine to end the day.

It comes from Spain, the third largest producer of wine after France and Italy, it is a Rioja.

Heras Cordon Reserva, this is what the bottle looks like:

This wine is very rich, a “mouth full”. Do not expect to finish a bottle. This is really a treat, almost like a dessert wine.

In case stuff like that matters to you, it is the only Rioja supplied to and consumed by the pope. Yes, I am talking about the guy with the yarmulke, mostly in funny dresses, often talking from that balcony in Rome. Quite an eccentric.
Now, I don’t care what the guy drinks, but to some it might be a sign of quality.

In any case, if you are looking for an extraordinary taste experience, the Heras Cordon Reserva is one. For a couple of days this was my night cap now, and I slept extremely well.

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