Enjoy responsibly – Angel’s Share

Dear Reader,

Please consider me sitting here comfortably, sipping a wonderful Macallan Selected Oak.


I got this bottle as a present and once opened, it has to be emptied. Otherwise the aroma just evaporates.

Which reminds me of a nice movie I had the pleasure viewing not too long ago.
The title is “The Angels’ Share“:

If you drink liquor, then you know what it means. If you don’t, the always helpful Wikipedia tells it:

“Angels’ share” is a term for the portion (share) of a wine or distilled spirit’s volume that is lost to evaporation during aging in oak barrels.

This movie isn’t one of the big blockbusters. Yet it is a nice comedy, a little provoking and mostly entertaining. With brilliant acting by Paul Brannigan as Robbie, John Henshaw as Harry and most of all, Gary Maitland as Albert. This guy deserves more roles!

Enjoy good Single Malts and movies,

Engine Room

15 thoughts on “Enjoy responsibly – Angel’s Share

  1. I hope that you have a 2nd bottle as Sandy/Frankenstorm is approaching. Stay in, away from the windows and enjoy your malt.
    Take care, ER.
    Fisrt snow in Vienna. More boots today but the best are in Moscow with tight jeans and fuer coat.

  2. Dear ER,
    excellent choice of single malt. I’ll raise my glass (filled with Talisker for lack of Macallan) to you and hope
    that Sandy won’t be too tough on you. Please let us know.


  3. Dear ER,

    haha, that’s a first. I might take you up on that kind and unexpected offer…

    There’s no need for a certificate to get nobly drunk together. I find it a little disturbing that you refuse to [strike]hop up and down[/strike] stand in front of a webcam but demand to see a picture of me.
    For now I leave you with a sample of my collection.

    Even if I wanted to post a photo of me here I’m not allowed to since the img tag is one of the HTML codes I’m not allowed to use (as is strike and font size for that matter.

  4. A fine collection, if you like whisky.
    Expect a serious proposal when ER goes back on line, provided that he has electricity in NY.
    Going to UK tomorrow and will meet Glynsky and Pete on Saturday.

  5. Thanks for confirmation Pete. Shall I teach you how to write sms message? See you soon. By kick off time, The Arse will have been stuffed at Old Trafford. What fun we will have.

  6. Oh Elsbeth,

    Smiles is absolutely correct. You had me with the Talisker already, but the Oban did it, I am in love!

    PS: I knew you’d find a way to provide a photograph.

  7. Hi Elspeth
    Thanks for the commiserations re my malt cellar.
    I would ask to marry you but have no wish to stand in a queue behind Engine Room.

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