What the Media make out of the Weather

Dear Reader,

The newspapers are full of “Sandy”. And the whole world is concerned. Even our beloved Elsbeth is. (Thanks!)

May I put things into perspective a bit?

For example, the American media have no word for snow falling. As soon as some media person discovers three (3) snow flakes in the air, we have a “Snowstorm”.

That fills plenty of radio and TV air time. The broadcast costs close to nothing and it grabs almost as much attention as a live sports broadcast. Advertising rates go up, the media make money, people get fooled, end of story.

While the rest of the world holds its breath, the kids enjoy a day off from school, employees are sent home early, or stay at home right away. Why? If you force your employees to come in during heavy weather, and they get hurt on their way, you might be liable.
Thus, everyone stays home.
There are always plenty of nutters, who think the world comes down, buying “reserves”. The only result: retailers are happy.

If you really want to know, what is happening, I recommend checking our webcams.
That is about the only advantage of the surveillance state we are living in. You can check one of the hundreds of NYC webcams online. Here is a handy map:

Have a look.
The webcams will show you, it is rainy right now. Traffic is slow, thanks to hysterical people shutting down the city. Otherwise, we are still around.
Side note: No, I will not stand in front of any of those cams to wave at you and a billion others. That’s what tourists do. Plus, I am ugly. At least that’s what Glynsky says.

Back to the issue on hand.
The same spectacle happens every year.  The media love it. The retailers love it. The politicians love it. The kids love it. Employees love it.

Don’t get fooled. See it as an additional holiday. And stay calm and move on.
Or send care packages with Single Malt. That does not change the weather, but helps me survive the idiotic media hype.

Nevertheless, thanks for your concern.

Engine Room