Glynsky is wrong … says Bank of England

Dear Reader,

For a year and a bit now, Glynsky and I have been disagreeing about the Occupy movement. That isn’t noteworthy. We disagree almost all the time.

But today is a hard day for our beloved patron.

Right after his latest attempt to mock the Occupy movement here, Glynsky is being proven wrong. How sad is that?

Two of Glynsky’s most respected institutions, the BBC and the Bank of England, are showing, Glynsky is dead wrong:

In his speech Mr Haldane gave what many will see as a surprising endorsement to the group.

“Occupy has been successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason: they are right,” he said in his speech.

You can read the full BBC article here.

This must hurt so much. I hope, Madame Glynskette will provide the necessary healing for poor Glynsky. Otherwise he might fall silent again, sulking for days. I think, a few containers of her world class ice cream are needed now.

Stay sane,
Engine Room

8 Replies to “Glynsky is wrong … says Bank of England”

  1. What fun! This, from the bemoaner of the veracity and newsworthy content of the BBC in innumerable posts and one who obviously is in the vanguard of the Michael Fish Apologists.
    In impeccable gentlemanly fashion I resisted the temptation to comment on ‘it’s just an April shower’ post and leave it to Pete to expose the nonsense which is then grudgingly parried as ‘don’t worry, it’s only no power in the poor bits’.
    The same reviled (but now, apparently, lauded) BBC right now (News at 6)shows New Jersey and most of NY looking like a labrador in a lake.
    And Mr. Haldane – a Bank of England spokesperson, are you sure?
    He works there (for now!) as Executive Director of Financial Stability – so he’s been real a success in recent years then. Must know a lot despite no one ever having heard of him before.
    What’s this? ” told a meeting organised by occupy”.
    Just wandered in did he? Er, stooge fit?
    Also I feel the words ‘surprising endorsement’ are code for ‘won’t be at the Bank for much longer’.
    Nice try ER, but the usual bollocks from a supporter of a movement with less dynamism than an old battery – which is probably where the NY Chapter is skulking out of the rain.

  2. You too, Brutus? Uhm, Smiles?

    Glynsky has Pete on his side already. And you, cowardly I might add, jump there as well?

    Handbags? I insist on canon balls, 300 ft, no throwing!


  3. I work very hard for my salary and pay an enormous ammount of tax every month. I hate to see it being given to unwashed scroungers, who have nothing better to do than demonstrate against people like me, who they consider rich.
    You have really touched a nerve there. I will proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Glynsky and Pete on this. In fact, we will practise at half time on Saturday.

  4. Dear Smiles,

    FYI, occupy has nothing against you being rich, or you at all.

    Occupy points out, that the financial system is flawed.

    BTW, mostly thanks to Bill Clinton repealing the Glass-Steagal-Act of 1932.


  5. Dear ER. Has anybody tiold them that? I am sure that the majority do not know. They just want to demonstrate.

  6. Dear Smiles,

    The majority wants a better financial/banking system. Where your (!) taxes are NOT used for bankers bonuses and saving scrupulous gamblers.

    Troublemakers you can find at soccer games, they are called hooligans, I believe.


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