Last Man Standing

Our heroic foreign correspondent ER wrote in his recent post about
The odd snowflake threatening New York City and other places.

At the time of reading it I thought he sounded a little cynical and perhaps even complacent.
He felt the story of what the rest of thought might be a seriousĀ  potential disaster, was being totally over-hyped by the media.
He told us to check a link to a web cam in the city for further proof of the panic measures being taken.
At the time of writing this DiablogĀ  the Camera is regrettably no longer there, having been blown into the sea off Manhatten.

If ER has survived his personal Bridge over troubled waters, I felt that he should be playing the following song on a continuous loop.

Of course in the unlikely and unfortunate event he might have been wrong, a memorial service will be held at International Headquarters at a day to be fixed some time next week.
(subject to weather)

2 thoughts on “Last Man Standing

  1. When the NYT writes about the “merciless storm” I could throw up. That isn’t reporting, that is prose. Or just crap.

    Calling Sandy a “once-in-a-generation storm”? Really, NYT?

    This is what I am referring to, when criticizing media.


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