wall street closed says bbc…

Dear diablog’

For once the BBC news today was laden with good cheer. Apparently Sandy


– not that one, oh well mistakes happen – has closed Wall Street tonight. At last.

This energising rinse has been a long time coming but not a moment too soon. With the help of the Atlantic Ocean we at GlynskyandPete rejoice that at last a way of clearing the dross of the #occupywall street and all their attendant mess has been at found. Or are they going down with the ship – tied to their spandex tents. Maybe this Bobby Darin hit will help keep their spirits (and inflateables) up whilst they move on – forever? Ah me, hope springs eternal.

Come to think of it, they must need baths badly – or did they go home each night!!!

Don’t mess with nature, she knows more than you – though with # it’s not too difficult.

Yours, diablog, in hope