wall street closed says bbc…

Dear diablog’

For once the BBC news today was laden with good cheer. Apparently Sandy


– not that one, oh well mistakes happen – has closed Wall Street tonight. At last.

This energising rinse has been a long time coming but not a moment too soon. With the help of the Atlantic Ocean we at GlynskyandPete rejoice that at last a way of clearing the dross of the #occupywall street and all their attendant mess has been at found. Or are they going down with the ship Рtied to their spandex tents. Maybe this Bobby Darin hit will help keep their spirits (and inflateables) up whilst they move on Рforever? Ah me, hope springs eternal.

Come to think of it, they must need baths badly – or did they go home each night!!!

Don’t mess with nature, she knows more than you – though with # it’s not too difficult.

Yours, diablog, in hope