Dirty (Royal) Diana

Dear Reader,

Our beloved English, royalist, nationalist, Glynsky provoked the following.

Somehow he seemed a little upset about how the French treat royals. Naturally, I disagree. In my book, all royals can be cut short. By approximately 10 inches. Any time.

Or they could do something useful. As shown in one of the best videos by the King (sic) of Pop:

I have no clue, why he stopped performing this song at one point. Just because the early death of some Diana?


you must have been a beautiful baby…

Dear diablog,

I know this is somewhat ‘old’ news but I have been rather preoccupied of late – and anyway some of the reverberations are still going on.

When it was current, Philippa


– who has been bombarding me with a bewildering array of information in recent weeks (carry on old girl, sooner or later it is all used ) – sent a really topical pic of the Kate Middleton ‘outrageous photos’ which I suggest that you look at whilst listening to the latest 45 to be added to the Glynsky collection and which was an absolute ‘steal’ on ebay. The horns (if you will excuse the language) in the middle are brilliant.

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two tribes go to war…

Dear diablog,

Having read the recent posts on the liberation of Glynsky Towers, Christina


suddenly lit up with another of her priceless contributions.
By way of introduction I would offer this unforgettable clip

but her offering is the most comprehensive explanation of that vexing question, for those who have always wondered, as to the causes of…

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50 Shades Of Chicken Soup


I don’t know how many of our multitude of Diablog readers have read the apparently appalling Fifty Shades Of Grey. I have to admit to not having reading the book, or for that matter either of the two others that make up the trilogy.

If like me, you needed background information on the books, and the author, I would refer you to the information shown on wikipedia.


Naturally those of us of a Jewish persuasion had to get into the act, and I am grateful to the anonymous e mailer who send me the following somewhat Orthodox religious version.

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the invasion of glynsky towers 3…

Dear diablog,

Much has been happening at the Towers over recent weeks and the inhabitants are grateful to the Engine Room led invasion that rescued, in part, the situation.

There has been (again!) much building and rectification work to be carried out and the timely arrival of the Special Troops was not a moment too soon, though in his enthusiasm their leader caused as much damage as could be handled by the shell shocked ground staff.

Mme. Glynskette felt that this secretly film of the invasion preparations may give you, dear reader, an idea of the care and preparation that went into this intricate operation. Squadron Leader ER gave his all, and the dedication of his attention to detail  is to be commended.

Yours, diablog, safe at last


The Invasion of Glynsky Towers (2)

Dear Reader,

As mentioned earlier, at least I was concerned with Glynsky’s well-being.

After all special forces chickened out, following the brilliant example of Felix Baumgartner, I had Scotty beam me over to Glynsky’s headquarters to take matters into my own hands.


Breaking down the doors, throwing around blinding grenades, I was able to enter and occupy Glynsky Towers:

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