Glynsky always gets what he wants

Dear Reader,

Via twitter here, Diablog’s beloved Elsbeth points out, “everybody needs some cuteness overdose once in a while.”

And probably you remember this guy:


from here.

It seems, his wish was granted, to some extend at least.

Thank you god for this amazing shrimp cake!

Have a wonderful Friday,
Engine Room

4 Replies to “Glynsky always gets what he wants”

  1. Dear ER,

    Thanks to you I’m now officially an Otterista!
    Not even the praying could put me off. Those hairy and beady eyed little guys make me purr, no matter what.
    It’s a pity that I lack the proper property to have them as pets… I conjecture Sir Glynsky has some on his estates…

    Back to wine & TV (what happened to Friday nights?!)

  2. Sadly not, Elsbeth. I wish.
    I happily shoot squirrels and frighten the occasional cat.
    The foxes are left in peace as an old wives tale says you never have rats if you have foxes – and here it seems to be true. They enjoy the squirrels so what the hell.
    If there were badgers, however, I would have very fat foxes – but otters, now that’s another thing.
    If you are referring to friday nights in the UK your boredom could be alleviated by reading the Leveson report!
    Naaah, stick with the wine.

  3. There is enough room between Glynsky’s chins for a whole otter family.

    Oops, did I say that?

    Friday nights is when the BBQ people, the bridge and tunnel crowd, are in town. One better stays in the neighborhood.


  4. Dear All
    Greetings from Vilnius, where winter is expected to arrive tomorrow. Hope the snow will not be as bad as in Moscow last week.
    I enjoy Friday evenings as I am mainly at home with my family.
    I have a 2nd personal trainer, so now stepping up the training. I will soon look like the Guy in the photo but without the ironing board.
    In Vienna I have squirrels in my garden, so Glynsky leave your gun at home when you come out for the delayed birthday of Wuss.
    All is well. Enjoy life.

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