A tiny benefit from the Greek crisis

Dear Reader,

I hate the line: “Every crisis is an opportunity”.
It belittles the people caught in that crisis.

The truth is, only the people not hit by a crisis can take advantage of it. Following find a perfect example.

I know a Greek restaurant, a family business, serving middle of the road Greek food. Nothing special and not a place I visited often.

A few weeks ago, I noticed some changes. Intrigued I went there one night and it was a very pleasant surprise.

The owner, a man in his 60s, had taken advantage of the crisis in Greece. He has hired a young, extraordinary chef from Greece, who was trained in top restaurants in Greece, France, Italy and the UK. The young gentleman had to shut down his own restaurant in Greece and had to go where he can earn a living.

Prior to the crisis the owner could not have afforded this talent. Now he could and, kudos to his entrepreneurial spirit, he did.

The new chef did not change the regular menu. You did not want to scare away the regular guests. Instead he added daily specials, and those are to die for. Mostly he offers fresh fish, prepared in some extraordinary way. Due to his excellent training, he really knows what to buy, and how to prepare it. So far, I had delicious sole, monk fish and red snapper.

And the young chef brought along special treats.

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Peace In Our Time?

ANOTHER Gaza flare-up is over — for now. At least 150 Palestinians are dead. Five Israelis are dead.

This represents the usual ratio of slaughter when a David actually fights a Goliath.
In the Bible David scored a direct hit, but those of us in the real world know that this a rare event, as David usually ends up dead in the gutter.
Israel, in the person of its US ambassador, Michael Oren, defends the Gaza bombing as effective deterrence. “The tactic is deterrence. Our strategy is survival,” he writes of a nuclear-armed state, by far the most powerful in the region, and its supposed need to administer “periodic reminders” to enemies.
Well, ambassador, a powerful Israeli reminder was delivered to Gaza in 2008 when ‘Operation Cast’ Lead left 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead. Since then Israel’s interest in the “dream” of a two-state peace has been expressed mainly in the expansion of West Bank settlements…
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Having a bad day in your marriage?

Dear Reader,

Inspired by Pete’s post about domestic bliss, I surfed the net and stumbled over someone complaining about his marriage. I know, what are the odds?

Like magazines and shrinks, the internet offers plenty of advice on how to keep your marriage alive, or restart the romance and what not. Our two patrons here at diablog of course are not in need of any of that.

This time the response was a bit different:

“Whenever I feel that way,

I watch my wedding video,

but backwards.

My favorite part is, where I take the ring off her finger,

slowly walk out of the church and then

have a great party with all my buddies.”

If you have better tips, please, let us have them in the comments.

Stay sane,
Engine Room

pot noodle…

Dear diablog,

Sad news – Mme wasn’t looking where she was going and fell and broke her kneecap!
Ooooer, it really hurts!

However, not daunted and sassy as ever she decided, ensconced on the sofa with a glass of Gavi in one hand and fresh Amaretti in the other, that Glynsky was up to the challenge of starting things off to be ready with food in the freezer for Christmas entertaining.

The Glynsky family (usually about 30 strong) have a tradition of congregating about 10 days before the main event for what has been nicknamed ‘The Ham Fest’ and as it is to be this year at Glynsky Towers there is much to do.

Everyone looks forward to Mme’s cooking so there is no escape, and as usual in trying times, it has to be Glynsky to the rescue.


This year the star dish is to be Pappardelle al Cinghiale


– a classic Tuscan dish of Pappardelle (which are wide and flat pasta which is perfect for holding rich sauces) and a truly amazing Wild Boar sauce.

Her recipe is so stunning (and popular!) we felt it ideal to share with you as an option for the holidays to come. So without ado here is all you need to make Nonna Papera’s

Pappardelle al Cinghiale


though before we begin she has insisted that I…

leader of the pack…

Dear diablog,

A while back one of our commentators, John H, reminded me of the Shangri La’s and the extraordinary Mary Weiss who, at the time of their greatest successes, was just about 16 – which today in the spirit of paranoia that has overwhelmed the British Frightened Class would have had her taken into care and anyone over 16 who looked at her photo arrested for molestation.

In the meantime this guy


reminded me of my promise to John.

The first point to make is that many people believed the La’s to be black – wrong!

The hair, the fashion – the geezer!!??
And why did the biker remind me of the promise?

Glynsky Towers happens to be opposite a rather attractive church in the Arts and Crafts style and it is great fun to dash out the gates on a Saturday to join weddings – in fact Mme and I have often thought of serving tea and scones to waiting guests but that’s another story!

But yesterday must have been the funeral of a local bike hero and mid morning peace was shattered by Harleys parking all over…

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Domestic Bliss Take

Some of you Diablog readers out there may be aware by now that my current profession involves doing mainly fuck all from dawn to dusk.

There are many advantages to this situation, such as the opportunity to write that book you have always meant to publish, or take up new hobbies such as watching paint dry etc.

The disadvantages include having little or no excuse not to keep the house tidy, particularly whilst Mrs Pete is out and about working hard for a living.

women are sometimes fussy about a little bit of mess

She has this thing about coming home to a house looking like a war zone, and is no admirer of my ability to mess up four or five rooms when alone for a few hours.

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