Must See TV – The Untouchables

Dear Reader,

Do you have an hour? Then please enjoy the following PBS broadcast. This is quality journalism.

Watch The Untouchables on PBS.
See more from FRONTLINE.

How did another country deal with the banks?

Check the story of Iceland here.
In totally unrelated news, in the USA it can be a crime now to unlock your cellphone. Unlocking means, to break the provider lock, enabling the phone to be used on a rivals network. What is the penalty?
Up to five years in prison and/or US$500,000.I am glad, our lawmakers have the priorities straight.
Kudos to PBS,
Engine Room

Happy Anniversaries for Classic Cars in 2013

Dear Reader,

The 20th century was dominated by mobility, namely the car. No wonder then, that this year many car manufacturers and car models are celebrating big anniversaries.

From youngest to oldest, first the Porsche 911 – originally called 901 – celebrating its 50th anniversary:

Equally, the Maserati Quattroporte turns 50 this year, at the time the fastest 4-door car:

Same country of origin, same year, Lamborghini added cars to its line of tractors and agricultural machinery.  Anyone for a Miura:

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Night Owl or Early Bird?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky had a lovely weekend, and so did Pete obviously.

The weekend has been entertaining also for Anonymous.
On Saturday they defaced the website of the US Sentencing Commission. By Sunday the US government had republished the website, just for Anonymous to deface it again. All this in protest against the persecution of Aaron Swartz, and other hacktivists. It seems, Anonymous has access to various government sites, they announced to leak embarrassing government data.

How was my weekend? Excellent. With one flaw and I would like to ask a question:.

Are you an early bird?

I know, the world isn’t black and white. Sometimes you get up early, and sometimes you stay up late. But generally speaking, are you more of an early bird?

If you are, do you have friends calling you after let’s say 20:00 h?
Here’s why I am asking.

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Smug Bastards

I really hope you have all had a great weekend out there, and for those readers who actually get up and go to work, enjoy your Monday morning.

Well I think people with proper jobs are smug bastards, what with your houses and fancy cars and your 2.4 children and your private school fees, your foreign holidays and your private health cover.

I bet you even have your own friends that you socialise with assuming of course you are not busy swapping your wives and sexually abusing the au pair.
I would guess in your spare time you are out there hitting small white balls with sticks.
Then after your fun filled weekends you get into your fancy flash motors and clog up all our roads as you get into work, to do whatever it is you do.

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there’s nothing wrong with a hissy fit…

Dear diablog,

I don’t know how your weekend went but the action in the International HQ transcended all expectations.

Actually, expectations were fairly mundane at first – Arsenal and Spurs in Cup ties, secret negotiations with ‘entertainers’ for Mme.’s upcoming party, good stuff on TV (particularly ‘Borgen’), purchase of half ton of chocolate to devour on Saturday night (withdrawal symptoms since return from Vienna) when, suddenly, news of his escape

– Hissing Sid was back!!

Sadly, dear reader, if you were not a kid in the UK in the late ’70’s you will have absolutely no idea of what I speak and will have completely missed Captain Beaky and his Band – and frankly, it is your loss!


However, in compassion for those who have discovered a gaping hole in their intellectual development, I offer the public service of playing the hit single intoned, no less, than by the actor Keith Michell – with lyrics!! Oh no, you’ve never heard of Keith Michell!

Written by Jeremy Lloyd  (a comic genius if ever there was one, penning such as ‘Allo ‘Allo and other incredibly funny sitcoms) the books were a masterpiece – to the point that they have, first, inspired this charming lady to post her own extraordinarily funny and excellently personalised tribute to Beaky on youtube – with a massive (to date) …

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private investigation on dire straits

Dear Reader,

At diablog we disagree often. Or rather almost all the time.

If I remember correctly though, we all like Dire Straits.

Glynsky is a big fan and played some songs here. Smiles likes them too.
And I hope the following piece finds Pete’s approval as well.

In my humble opinion, it is one of the most brilliant pieces of modern music.

It has wonderful melodies, rhythm, change of pace, solo bits and instrumental dialogs, story telling. And it is forever engraved in your memory, after hearing it only once.

Whether you like guitar, bass, piano, xylophone, percussions, they all shine in this gem.

Please, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and listen:

Stay tuned,
Engine Room