Night Owl or Early Bird?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky had a lovely weekend, and so did Pete obviously.

The weekend has been entertaining also for Anonymous.
On Saturday they defaced the website of the US Sentencing Commission. By Sunday the US government had republished the website, just for Anonymous to deface it again. All this in protest against the persecution of Aaron Swartz, and other hacktivists. It seems, Anonymous has access to various government sites, they announced to leak embarrassing government data.

How was my weekend? Excellent. With one flaw and I would like to ask a question:.

Are you an early bird?

I know, the world isn’t black and white. Sometimes you get up early, and sometimes you stay up late. But generally speaking, are you more of an early bird?

If you are, do you have friends calling you after let’s say 20:00 h?
Here’s why I am asking.

I am a night owl. To me nightlife is more interesting then the early morning hours. In my humble opinion there is no civilized life before 9:00 in the morning.

And that is even more true on weekends. Usually my day/night does not end before 2:00 or 3:00 AM. Naturally, then I love to sleep in. Have the first coffee in bed. Start the day slowly. Seriously, what could be missed on a Sunday morning? Hell, they don’t even serve drinks before noon in this city.

And I never had problems with kids. Either they are night owls like me. Or they enjoyed having Sunday mornings to themselves without supervision and chores. Usually they were building blanket and pillow forts, preparing food, playing, reading, watching TV and what not. The kids knew, unless there is at least a liter of blood, or limps cut off, you do not disturb me before 12:00 h.

Yet, adult early birds are different. They keep calling on Sunday mornings. Usually the conversation starts something like this:

“Surely you are up by now, here is why I am calling …”

While my brain is forming a murder plan, I usual reply with:

“And this could not wait ’til afternoon?”

Now I ask you, Early Birds, why does that keep happening? Are you up by six and after four hours of doing I don’t know what, you are bored? Or do you secretly envy night owls, and take pleasure in ruining our Sunday morning?

There are people, whom I have been telling for ages:

“Please, do not call me in the morning.”

Mostly this is answered with an indignant:

“But it is past 9:00 already!!!!!!”

Here is a note to all Early Birds:

Don’t call in the morning!

Let me be clear on this one:

Morning is the opposite of afternoon.
Repeat after me:
After Noon

I would not dream of calling an early bird in the late hours, after 20:00 h.
And I wonder, are there night owls who do?

If you are an early bird, do you get your good night sleep spoiled by night owls calling at 23:00 h or midnight?

Seriously, I would like to know, whether we night owls are as obnoxious as early birds.

Thanks for your help!

Engine Room

11 thoughts on “Night Owl or Early Bird?

  1. Excellent intelligent posting.
    For once I am with you entirely on this subject.
    I can not, and should not, communicate to others before 10am.
    I am a danger to myself and definitely to them if they wake me early.

  2. Consider yourself lucky that I do not have your phone number as I usually get up approx 06.00 hours and by 07.00 hours at weekend. I love the peace and quiet in the morning.
    I just arrived in Tbilisi at the
    3rd attempt. At 04.00 hours Lufthansa could not land due to fog so diverted to Baku. At 10.00 tried again without success and then Captain and crew running out of hours, so back to Baku. Finally arrived with Qatar Airways and to complete the day, without luggage !!
    Give me some numbers to phone very early Georgian time tomorrow.

  3. Great post!!!
    Finally I agree with you, ER!
    Getting up at 07.00 on weekdays is a struggle as I am usually not in bed before 01.00 at night and sometimes even 02.00 or 03.00, I love my alone time at night after everyone else is sleeping. Then I watch TV, read or whatever I feel like doing and just enjoy my space. I need my Iren time orelse I might kill someone “accidentally”…

  4. Thanks, guys!

    So, this is settled then. Night owls are the nice people, and early birds are obnoxious. Generally speaking.

    PS: Smiles, maybe it is bad karma?

  5. The weather could be bad karma but not loading my and many more suitcases on the plane is bad organisation beteen Lufthansa and Qatar Airways.
    Keep sleeping all of you as Smiles is up and trying to save the economy.

  6. I must admit I am an early bird as I start work at 0600. I hate people who phone late and ask ‘were you asleep ?’. If you thought I may be asleep, don’t bother to phone.
    If being an early bird and driving my big white 4×4 makes me obnoxious, then I’m your man.

  7. I love him. We are real brothers. I often phone him in the office at 06.00 hours, just to check that he is in. Sometimes, he is late at 06.05 hours but very very rarely.
    Got my suitcase :-)

  8. Dear Druid,
    I am surprised and sorry to hear, that there are obnoxious night owls too.

    Dear Smiles,
    Glad to hear your karma turned. A plane went down in Kazakhstan, due to bad weather. Watch out!


  9. Dear ER
    I should be thankful that the Lufthansa Pilot did not try to land in thick fog.
    Going for some good Georgian wine to celebrate return of my suitcase.

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