there’s nothing wrong with a hissy fit…

Dear diablog,

I don’t know how your weekend went but the action in the International HQ transcended all expectations.

Actually, expectations were fairly mundane at first – Arsenal and Spurs in Cup ties, secret negotiations with ‘entertainers’ for Mme.’s upcoming party, good stuff on TV (particularly ‘Borgen’), purchase of half ton of chocolate to devour on Saturday night (withdrawal symptoms since return from Vienna) when, suddenly, news of his escape

– Hissing Sid was back!!

Sadly, dear reader, if you were not a kid in the UK in the late ’70’s you will have absolutely no idea of what I speak and will have completely missed Captain Beaky and his Band – and frankly, it is your loss!


However, in compassion for those who have discovered a gaping hole in their intellectual development, I offer the public service of playing the hit single intoned, no less, than by the actor Keith Michell – with lyrics!! Oh no, you’ve never heard of Keith Michell!

Written by Jeremy Lloyd  (a comic genius if ever there was one, penning such as ‘Allo ‘Allo and other incredibly funny sitcoms) the books were a masterpiece – to the point that they have, first, inspired this charming lady to post her own extraordinarily funny and excellently personalised tribute to Beaky on youtube – with a massive (to date) …


and secondly led to a whole movement who, mistakenly claimed that Sid was nice and innocent

not the dastardly reptile previously portrayed.
but then, as we now know, it was but an illusion.
Woteva, for this week follow the old adage
Yours, diablog, looking forward to a peaceful week

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