Happy Anniversaries for Classic Cars in 2013

Dear Reader,

The 20th century was dominated by mobility, namely the car. No wonder then, that this year many car manufacturers and car models are celebrating big anniversaries.

From youngest to oldest, first the Porsche 911 – originally called 901 – celebrating its 50th anniversary:

Equally, the Maserati Quattroporte turns 50 this year, at the time the fastest 4-door car:

Same country of origin, same year, Lamborghini added cars to its line of tractors and agricultural machinery.  Anyone for a Miura:

Then there is 60 years of Austin Healey. Wonderful cars, although some called Pig for bad “behavior”. I love the later 3000:

Also 60 years old, and still around, is the Chevrolet Corvette:

And then here is the most important, in my humble opinion:

100 years of Aston Martin

The true Bond car DB5,

beautiful and elegant, a pleasure to look at.

I’ll leave it to Glynsky, to tell you more, since he has probably driven most or all of them.

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