Must See TV – The Untouchables

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Do you have an hour? Then please enjoy the following PBS broadcast. This is quality journalism.

Watch The Untouchables on PBS.
See more from FRONTLINE.

How did another country deal with the banks?

Check the story of Iceland here.
In totally unrelated news, in the USA it can be a crime now to unlock your cellphone. Unlocking means, to break the provider lock, enabling the phone to be used on a rivals network. What is the penalty?
Up to five years in prison and/or US$500,000.I am glad, our lawmakers have the priorities straight.
Kudos to PBS,
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  1. Dear ER.
    Forget the acting and take up singing. 3 posts in a row and zero comments, is a little like Norway “nul points” in the Eurovision Song Contest(sorry Iren).

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