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Diablog has a history of pointing you towards open data projects.
There was the Europeana, the European Film Gateway, the NYC Department of Records archive, and of course over one million books, movies and songs at

And last week the US government decided to put more of its data online for free. Including scientific research, paid for by the government.
If you believe in an afterlife, Aaron Swartz is celebrating somewhere.

It seems, slowly we are getting there, one step at a time.

Via openglam I learned today, that the Dutch Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has made available high resolution scans and images of some 111,000 famous art pieces. And that includes works of art by masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Goltzius, etc.

You can search the archive here:

Of course, nothing beats seeing the originals.
But not everyone is lucky and can go there. And with 300,000 visitors each months it is kind of crowded.

Seeing a high-res image of the Night Watch for example might be the second best thing:

I guess, Pete will like this one:

Please click the picture for a full view.

The Rijksmuseum archive is part of the Dutch Open Cultuur Data project.

Where you can find even more links to open data from museums.

Happy browsing to all art fans,
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