This just in from Casper

Dear Reader,

Our beloved Casper

sent in this new youtube hit, PonyDance, right in time for Friday:

Extra credits to the makers for using the wonderful Fleetwood Mac song.

Thanks, Casper, and have a wonderful day,

Engine Room

12 Replies to “This just in from Casper”

  1. I sent this specially to cheer you up, young gandolf…

    I thought our mails where private..?


  2. I have seen some of those moves before. Is it Glynsky in a blond wig? Naah, much too elegant !!

  3. Are you saying that Glynsky is partaking in the occassional Jodrell. Work that one out, Johnny Foreigner.

  4. Dear Smiles,

    Cockney is foreign to me. But it is derived from the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, which tracked the Sputnik satellite.



  5. Casper you monkey. I saw this for the first time a couple of days ago and had downloaded it for next week!
    Ah me, back to the drawing board – but thank you for being there often.

  6. Why is it becoming grubby, Glynsky… Is what was said rude… ?

    Haha Glynksy :p.

    Thanks Pete, a proposal… I must have missed it… What was it…? Unless you meant the fathering of my future children…?

    Casper xx

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