When nothing else matters

Dear Reader,

It has been said before on diablog, I am a lucky bastard. Today is a great example.

After days – and nights – of work, when all was done, a friend and I went for a delicious meal at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. The patron sensed, we were celebrating, and offered two spectacular wines.

The first one was a rare red wine from South Tyrol, northern Italy.  Glynsky and Smiles probably know it.
The grape is Lagrein, the one we enjoyed was a Tiefenbrunner 2008 Lintictarus Riserva Pinot Nero (Alto Adige).

The owner had opened the bottle before and it was ready for consumption. What a teat. If you don’t trust me, read a short review here.

When we had finished our meal and the bottle, the padron asked, whether we were in the mood for something even better. This is what he came up with:

An Amarone della Valpolicella, one of the nicest red wines in the world. At least in my humble opinion.
When we had agreed to the first bottle earlier, the padron had opened the Amarone for us. With a good hour of breathing, the 2008 Marsi Costaser

was ready, its aroma fully unfolded.

Again just my humble opinion, this Italian red wine rivals almost any St. Emillion or Pomerol. Maybe with the exception of a Chateau Petrus.

In any case, we had one more bottle opened at the restaurant, carefully transported it home, and we will enjoy it now, along with some great music and a cigar.

The music, I hope Iren and the Invernessdruid will like it too, is Nothing else matters by Metallica, in the version with the San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra:

Great friends, delicious food, world class wine, a nice cigar and great music. What more could one ask for?

Your lucky bastard,
Engine Room

14 Replies to “When nothing else matters”

  1. You are lucky, that`s for sure :)
    And for the music….THANK YOU!!!
    I love Metallica:)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Dear Smiles,

    Too much honor.
    2 people, 2 bottles of wine, = 1 for me. And the 3rd was shared after the post.
    Followed by a wonderful, deep, relaxing, refreshing sleep.


  3. Ok, 5-7 June I will be in London area.
    Would really like to meet you and share a bottle or two with you.

  4. Yes, I do have a tattoo and I like Metallica, Rammstein, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Scorpions and a lot of others in the same category :) I love music :)

  5. Dear ER. You do not ask a lady whether she has a tattoo. Next you will be wanting to know where.

  6. Dear Smiles: In case he does ask, I have no trouble telling where it is as I have it in a place where it is noticeable when I want it to be and without any effort I can also hide it if I want to:)

  7. Dear Iren
    I am sure that he will never ask now. Let it be your secret and make you more mysterious.

  8. Dear Glynsky,

    What you wanted to say was: “There’s a bottle waiting for you at the HQ”, correct?

    Nop, not starting, but it takes a lifetime.


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