8 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. I dont like guys who come running when their girlfriend/wife calls.
    Pity the dogs did not get him.
    God Paske, Iren.

  2. Thank you dear ER :)
    I like Bon Jovi, it`s not my favorite band but they are good :) Happy Easter to everyone (except me and my son, as he is covered in Chicken Pox at the moment).

  3. God PĂ„ske Smiles :)
    And can I suggest you stay away from the bottle a few days, you make no sense (or did I miss out on something?).

  4. Thank you ER, he is not doing too great today either, poor boy! But better he has it now than later :)
    Have a great day!!!

  5. Hi Iren,
    Sorry but had not seen the references to an ivalid. Give the biggest egg and he will forget all!
    Mind you, I can still remember mine and darkened room – I wonder if that was so my parents didn’t have to look at me or it was necessary!
    Anyway – have a good day.
    PS. Tell Pete to sort your atavar, I can’t refer to you properly without one and as usual he is too buried in self pity.

  6. Hi Iren I am sorry your son has Chicken Pox.
    I will send you an avatar to use later so Glynsky can add you to his fantasy list.
    Glynsky has never suffered from your son’s illness.
    He was referring to ‘The Pox’ which is a completely different condition and has proved to this day to be untreatable.

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