Classic Sunday Morning

Dear Reader,

Sunday mornings are special, aren’t they? Everything is a bit slower, more peaceful, silent and relaxed. Unless you have to work, of course.

How do you start your Sunday mornings?
One of my preferred ways is to listen to this:

Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2., BWV 1047.
Bach composed way over 1,000 pieces. And this is among my favorites.

Enjoy your Sunday,
Engine Room

7 Replies to “Classic Sunday Morning”

  1. I hate to agree but I was ‘brought up’ on Bach as I had a very cultured father,
    This music reminds me of my very innocent youth.

  2. He probably was not innocent any more after meeting you and Glynsky.
    I am back in Vienna and now have to change all the bloody clocks !!

  3. Dear ER. Yes it does and thanks.
    Dear Pete. It was a great trip with some good English beer. Of course I behaved myself as my mother was a Sergeant Major in the War.
    Dear Glynsky. Thanks for the welcome. Pox on your team.
    Getting ready for training at 06.30

  4. Fortunately my Mum does not own and has never used a computer. Anyway your question was addressed to her not me as you left the “r” out of your, so I will not comment.

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