Never Tear Us Apart

I very rarely put up music suggestions on the Diablog as I tend to leave the choice of songs to our so called experts.

I happened to hear this song again last night and I felt it was worthy of bringing to your attention.
The artist Paloma Faith covered this song which was originally performed by Australian rock group INXS back in August 1988.

Paloma has a great voice and an interesting look, and we should all ignore the rumours about Glynsky and her great grandmother.

12 thoughts on “Never Tear Us Apart

  1. You obviously missed my comment some weeks ago about her being on at the Henley Music Festival in July. Should have my tickets soon!

  2. Hey Pete,

    The one in ‘beware the idles of march’.

    Explaining a joke normally means it is not funny,avalanche.

    Casper x

  3. Hi Casper
    I now get the joke …
    I hope that my ‘equipment’ stays in one piece and so far so good.

    In the meantime I am playing the role of the perfect husband,which may last at least 2 or 3 more days.
    Pete x

  4. Dear Glynsky
    If YOU can get into Henley then surely anyone is a strong contender.

    Tell your committee that I am prepared to take on the impossible role of being your minder to ensure that you do not ruin the posh people’s fun, like you have so often in the past at this event.

  5. Well Peter,

    In my eyes, marriage needs neither roles or playing up, if you are inlove then neither should play roles of perfect this or that… Or have threatening photos…

    But what do I know.

    Casper x

  6. Gee, I wrote that, how inappropriate.

    My opinion, non of my business.

    Glad you got the joke though.

    Casper x

  7. Hi Casper
    Sorry for the late reply.
    I actually found your comment totally appropriate and agree with what you say.
    I have been married slightly longer than most , and unless both parties are natural with each other there is no way they will stay together.
    That doesn’t mean being sweet and nice all of the time cos you will bore your partner to death.
    Pete x

  8. Hey Pedro,

    Well what I meant is,it is never appropriate to comment on someones relationship in public…
    I agree about being natural, but I don’t know about the rest, I am sure there are other ways of making the relationship exiting other than your way.

    But your way works for you.

    Casper x

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