Pic of Iren – her Avatar?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky, Pete, and all others at diablog could not agree upon the fitting picture for and of Iren so far. I believe to have found, what we are looking for:

Please kindly focus on the upper half of the photo, thank you.

And since she gets all excited during scrabble, I am lost forever.  

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Pic of Iren – her Avatar?

  1. Sorry ER but I am a Facebook friend of Iren and she looks far too like your choice of photo.
    As you are aware it is vital to maintain our personal privacy at all times so it cannot be used.

    I have done as requested by Saint G (aka pox face) and sent her a less voyeuristic photo for her to use.

  2. Dear Pete,

    Isn’t it up to Iren to decide?

    It does not take a rocket scientist to find her online.
    Especially after your announcement re f*c*book, where nothing (!) is private.

    I am curious what Iren will pick.


  3. Revealing somebody’s use of Facebook is not really a federal crime as long as their full name stays a state secret.
    Fortunately Iren hides behind a pseudonym which was ‘vannkopper’ the last time I looked.
    Whoops I have done it now.!!

    I am still interested to know how you found her Doppelgänger in the photo you published.
    Is their something going on that we should be told?

  4. Couldn’t remember whether she was an actor or singer but then remembered the voice, I am sure Iren doesn’t sound like her but she is pretty.


  5. Never having had the pleasure of meeting the charming Iren, I think that the Avatar chosen for Iren is ideal as it shows a beautiful, sophisticated and surely intelligent woman. I am sure that Iren will accept this picture.
    Dear Iren. I hope that your son is recovering well.

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